Super Mario Brothers Running On Apple TV: Video

Gizmodo reports on this video sent in showing Mario being abled to be played on the AppleTV. Now what was that about Apple TV not being a game device?

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Bigmac5734263d ago

Probably won't make me go out and buy an Apple TV.

Smellslikepie4263d ago

You can't play Mario on your calculator; stop being a retard.

Smellslikepie4263d ago

Well, as far as I'm concerned, you're still the retard. All you did there was link me to a site to buy a calculator that has no mention of being able to play Mario on it. It's a graph calculator, well done. Now can you tell me how you're going to play Mario on that? No, I'll have to do it myself:

You could have linked to . But no, you were dumb.

BIadestarX4263d ago

Finally Apple is working hard as doing anything for the gaming community! Now all we have to do is wait 10-15 to be able to play Game Cube games!

ITR4262d ago

It's only emu game so I bet you can play anything emu on the Apple TV.
I know it can do at least up to the 16 bit - 32 bit era.

TheExodus4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Apple TV has a 1 GHz Pentium, 256 MB RAM, & an nVidia G72M with 64MB VRAM. It should be able to comfortably push something comporable to a low-res. Quake, but it's certainly no better equipped for gaming than your average low-end laptop. That being said, it did get me to upgrade my 27-inch Sony Trinitron to a 42-inch Toshiba DLP all for an HDMI port.