Yosuke Talks Sigma: HOME,Sixaxis Vibration & NG: 2

Here are some quick highlights of the interview with Team Ninjas own Yosuke Hayashi:

#1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be the Starting Point for the NEXT Generation of Ninja Gaiden.

#2. The classic Ninja Gaiden games most likely will not be on the PS3 version as it was on the XBOX

#3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma will contain everything the XBOX Ninja Gaiden Black offered in the way of downloads included and some of them extended.

#4. Additional Downloads over PSN are not identified yet, as a strategy with Sony has yet to be decided on.

#5. They want to include HOME options for Ninja Gaiden, but right now they have no information and tools for it from Sony.

#6. There are double Katana swords as new weapons. They are based on the combat style of Miyamoto Musashi.

#7. Sixaxis Motion Controls are supported. The developers inserted a routine, which recognizes whether the player vibrates the CONTROLLER with a hand or both hands. The Sixaxis functions in Ninja Gaiden sigma therefore activate only, if one holds and shakes it with both hands. Hayashi wants to avoid by the fact that one holds the CONTROLLER only with a hand and it flies away when vibrating and slams e.g. into the television.

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ALIEN4263d ago

This game will ROCK THE HIPS!

_insane_cobra4263d ago

A good interview, can't wait to see what they do next.

Ps3Fanboy7774263d ago

If they brought this game to us and arent given us the 2nd one that would be called being a ****^^^^ ...

From the sounds of it they are and there was never a real confirmation about it being 360 exclusive.

Cant imagine them not after getting use to the platform already.

snoop_dizzle4263d ago

i belive they are planning to have it on the PS3. If anything from what i heard, it sounded like Ninja Gaiden 2 wasnt going to be on the 360, but chances are it will be, and the PS3 as well. That would be awesome for everyone.

BlackIceJoe4263d ago

I am not sure if this rumor is true or not but I have heard that if people like Ninja Gaiden on the PS3 that there would be a good chance of a PS3 release of NG2.

theagony4262d ago

team ninja will be starting to release all their new nextgen titles on multi platform just like capcom or sega

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