Rumor: PS3 to lower price by US$100 by October?

Rumor time folks. The NetMunch News Network blog is reporting that sources, anonymous sources, are stating that a price cut for the PlayStation 3 is likely by October, and the injury to the wallet should lessen by US$ 100. This of course is in light of the recent lowering of the PlayStation Portable price.

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Sevir044266d ago

the ps3 is already alittle cheap in japan and UK retailers Slashed the prices for it already. and then ofcourse the psp has seen another price drop. i think sony knows that in order to gain more market and catch it'll need to make our pockets bleed less. 600 bucks ain't cheap, though the console is amazing. i sure got my bang for my six hundred. but not everyone has the money i do or even see it in that light which is why i think they should have dropped the price days after it launched. still i'm amazed that the ps3 is selling at a steady rate despite it's high price tag. a 100 dollar price tag drop in the us, and a 100 yen drop in japan and 125 euro drop in the uk should do more that boost sales coupled with the release of home and some killer games this fall and probably a new reworking of the sixaxis. If this is true, then good job to sony. and further validates that they are still doing everything to keep their system alive and well. i mean after all they are looking to lower cost of productions. they have ready done that with the removal of the emotion engine. next is cheap blu-ray drives and more cheaper hardrives for the game. and of course smaller ps3 chipsets. little by little they are doing what needed for their game division.

BubblesDAVERAGE4266d ago

They dont need a price drop the pal does and maybe the Us...but most def the pal..guys rember there ps3s are like 425 bucks

TotalEklypz4266d ago

I don't think they would let a price drop leak out. If this was true can you imagine everyone waiting until the price drop? Sales would plummet until October.

Sevir044266d ago

never looked at it that way. still i think that they'd kinda force people to by the system with the release of big titles like NGS and Lair over the summer. those games are definately system sellers ^^

techie4266d ago

Yeahh! I've been saying that all along. The reason why they say no price drop until 2009 is so people won't hold on for christmas! It'll drop in the UK considerably by xmas. With a game bundled in and a rumble controller :)

CyberSentinel4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Maybe they will reinstate the 20 Gig model and save Lemmings $200.00, Then again, maybe not.

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

@Bladestar - Bubble for you Sir.

Bigmac5734266d ago

Spend another $500 on a black 3shitti hahaha

R34GTR4266d ago

Just ignore Cyber-retard and his pointless constant rant. bahhh bahhh
24 million consoles dropped....bahhh bahhh...HDMI is stupid...bahh bahhh no need for 1080P...bahhh bahh...Next-Gen media playback is pointless....bahhh bahhh...Here is a New Sku after 1 year..... 3 years Xbox720.....

Silly sheep... Microsoft loves you !!!

kamakazi4266d ago

cyber monkey sure loves to run his mouth, doest he.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4266d ago

Buddy when somebody is a blind Lemming, then it's surely xbugs. MS is milking you bigtime with the peripherals, online service, etc. and you still call for more haha $179 for 120GB? Haha we can get such HDD for as low as $60-$70 haha MS loves you ;)

sumfood4u4266d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.