Sony Games posts third quarter half a billion dollar loss

Sony has announced that it made a third quarter operating LOSS of $443 MILLION. The main contribution to such a shocking figure was the high price paid for the launch of the PS3 as well as declining sales of the PS2 console.


Sony's gaming unit posted a third-quarter operating loss of $443 million, largely due to hefty costs for the launch of its PlayStation 3 video game console. Sales in it's cash cow, the PS2, are also starting to decline while the PS3 has yet to replace it, as Sony's main generator of money.

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highps34267d ago

They talking about last year when the Ps3 launched the console? Think a loss is to be expected.

Definately not the 3rd quarter of this year because its not even here yet.

weekapaugh4267d ago

3rd quarter last year???? It wasn't even released yet. Old news...

techie4267d ago

Well noted...i actually can't find the article on the Inquirer...

GaMr-4267d ago

Article seems...kinda I dunno.

CrazzyMan4267d ago

they will make about 6 billions later. :)
late in this year, they will stop losing money on ps3, and after that, if they will make atleast/only 50$ from each console, that would be 50$*50 mln. ps3 = 2,5 billions $ of benefit. :)

+ royality from games like 5 or 10$.
1 game - 1 mln sales = 10 mln. profit.
100 games - 100 mln. sales = 1 bln. profit. =)

Vo_Cal4267d ago

Do You work for Sony? U act like some of that money is gong to come to you... Why dont you stop acting like a b!tch & post something that makes sense. Sony wont make money for at LEAST 2 years. & it will have to come from software sales from the online community.

CrazzyMan4267d ago

How do you know?
do you have some insiders? =))

n4g sucks4267d ago

you act like MS is making money off the 360. at least sony still makes a profit off the ps2. can you say that about your original xbox??? didnt think so.. please get off billy gates nuts.

BubblesDAVERAGE4267d ago

Ms loses money too...only nintendo is making money so far