PS3 Exclusives Heavy Hitters Compilation

A compilation of 54 upcoming exclusive titles for the PS3.


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techie4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Add LBP and Driver 5, Rampage World Tour,another Factor 5 one, Rampart, Zipper Interactive PS3 Project [untitled], Joist, Shadow of the Colossus 2, Socom 4, Sly 4, Zone of the Enders 3... and L.A. Noire (as far as we know)

(ps. Project offset unknown..PC and others.). Conclusion. Some good exclusives for both consoles on the way. Doesn't that make everybody feel warm inside?

The ones I'm excited about.
1.Heavenly Sword (!!!)
2.Uncharted (!!!)
3.Metal Gear 4 (!!!)
4.Lair (!!)
5.Ratchet and Clank (!!)
6.Eight Days
7.Killzone 2 (!?)
8.Ninja Gaiden Sigma
9.God Of War 3 (!!!)
10.Driver 5
11.The Getaway
12.Little Big Planet :)
13.Final Fantasy (both)
15.Eyedentify(!!! - if only you knew!)
16.Gran Turismo 5
17.Jak and Daxter
18.Tekken 6
19.WarDevil (!)
20.Warhawk (looks solid fun)
21.White Knight Story
22.Heavy Rain (?)
23.L.A. Noire

(Motorstorm and Resistance and flOw (for me:) and i hope for Shadow of the Collosus 2 and Zone of the Enders E3 new games announced)

I wouldn't like to guess at what scores they would get as I can't tell the future results of these titles...but that's my top wanted :) I have not money enough :( with 61 games NOT including PSN, and the others of the 150 titles Sony has in development...good one.

GaMr-4271d ago

I like I like... many of those show as much promise as anything out there. May they be confirmed or not. I do think most of this list is confirmed though unlike other lists I see.

StateofMind4271d ago

Good list there. I was also surprised that they didn't include Zipper's project. That's SOCOM 4 in all likelihood.

ThaGeNeCySt4271d ago

lmao @ heavy hitters? or every PS3 title

good list though


fenderputty4271d ago

It's A LOT more than some people like to give credit.

ThaGeNeCySt4271d ago

nah that was a quote that was in that thread.. it was the 1st reply.. that isn't my opinion, i just thought it was a funny comment to make.

_insane_cobra4271d ago

"lmao @ heavy hitters? or every PS3 title"

Exactly what I wanted to note.

Anyway, Heavy Rain, METRO 2033: The Last Refuge, The Wall and Wardevil are currently not exclusives, it's questionable whether a lot of remaining third party games will be exclusives, and we don't know whether KH3 will even be on the PS3, let alone an exclusive. Adding all those rumored and untitled games was a nice touch as well.

techie4271d ago

It's easy to belittle either GRAW2 and Ninja Gaiden 2.

But I would like to add that WarDevil is an exclusive as far as we know. "'WarDevil' budgeted at around GBP 10 million and is expected to release it in the year 2008 exclusively on the Sony Playstation3(tm) (PS3) platform" - they cancelled work on the 360 to concentrate solely on the PS3...I know this because I have visited their site.

ps. untitled titles are listed on IGN as announced titles without a yeah they are coming. The naughty dog game didnt have a title for a long time.

Look dont go around belittling either of the lists...all we want to see is owners of the ps3, or people interested to show their excitement for the wide ranging titles.

_insane_cobra4271d ago

I haven't even noticed there was a list for Xbox 360 when I posted that, both are flawed (although, according to Itagaki, Ninja Gaiden 2 will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, at least a timed one).

As far as untitled games, WarDevil and IGN are concerned, IGN also lists WarDevil as an Xbox 360 game, so either you're wrong about that one or those untitled projects aren't so certain.

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GrooveChampion4271d ago

Where is TheMart to tell us these games suck? Seriously tho, both lists look great, it's going to be a great generation if the quaility can be maintained across both 360 and PS3 titles.

MS7XWDC4271d ago

F1 "2006" as they call it, is already out:
F1 Championship Edition

Retro-Virus4271d ago

Michael ~~ 7 time WDC ! Like yeah !!

Evoluti0n4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

are TBA, TBC (?), and 2008. Besides MGS4 Heavenly Sword, Lair, and a few other "Heavy Hitters" (lol?) Next year should be pretty solid for the PS3, but this year will be the 360's year, mark my words.

CrazzyMan4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Too human (may come to pc ion 2008)
Mass effect (may come to pc in 2008(no bioware games which is on xbox, but not on pc))
Blue Dragon
Eternal Sonata (may come to ps3(publisher: namco))
Lost Odyssey
Ace combat 6 (may come to ps3(publisher: namco)))


Heavenly Sword

I think is more like draw, IF games on PS3 will on same level of graphics like xbox360 games, and IF ps3 games surpass that level, then this year is PS3`s year. :)

stingray91914271d ago

^^^^ HAHA you missed a very big one HALO 3 ^^^^