Massive GTA IV Ad Hits NYC

The powers that be in the NYC political scene might not be happy with GTA IV's New York like setting, but that hasn't stopped Rockstar from touting their game on the streets of that illustrious city. And not just on the street, but on the entire side of a building!

Advertisements on the sides of buildings in New York are nothing new, one only need walk down almost any street to be bombarded with endless billboards. The irony of this particular one however, is inescapable.

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GameJunkieJim4265d ago

Oh man that's great.

Now we need a Moonanite statue in Boston.

TheExecutive4265d ago

I hate politicians... thank you rockstar

XENOCIDE4265d ago

I'll give 'em 10 points for that'n.

Ps3Fanboy7774265d ago

Wow a big sign. YaY for the big sign. People will see it and be like wow, big sign. No clue what it is but it sure is big. Big sign big sign 1,2,3 big sign!

Yea go big sign.

Shaka2K64265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Coming soon to Sony PlayStation 3 home entertainment system.

theres just something about the PS3 logo that is so sexy makes ya buy anything just by looking at it so futuristic i love it. put the damn PS3 logo already.

calderra4265d ago

You know GTA4 is multiplatform, right?

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