All 48 Exclusive Xbox 360 Games at one place

Hit jump to know all 48 Exclusive Xbox 360 Games with screenshots, trailers, footage videos, release date, publisher, developer and a bit of all information released.

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Shaka2K64265d ago

Good but out of the 48 games how many of them are actually any good?

its not the amount of games, its quality of the games that counts.

ben hates you4265d ago

4,5 isn't that how many exclusives sony has

TheMART4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Ofcourse dude.

1. Ace Combat 6

2. Mass Effect

3. Blue Dragon

4. Lost Oddyssey

5. PGR4

6. Too Human

7. Alan Wake

8. Bioshock

9. Forza 2

10. Halo 3

11. Kane & Lynch

12. Fable 2

13. C&C3

14. Halo Wars

15. Ninja Gaiden 2

16. Splinter Cell 5

I only named the biggest guns. So uh... Didn't they learn you to count further then 4 or 5 in kindergarten yet?


Dude, we're talking about console exclusives here. It doesn't matter if they come to the PC or not.

So you upgrade every year on your GPU? The setup you'll need to play all the games that would come to the PC EVENTUALLY is costing you a lot more then 400 Euro.

Plus: many games come to PC... A few years after. Halo 2 is old dude for xbox gamers. But it'll be new to PC users soon. I'd like to play the latest. Gears of War, Halo 3 and others will take a lot of time to get to the PC.

You're just a too blind fanboy to see. You know the list kicks ass and your PS3 can't cope with it. Do you have new reasons to downplay a damn great list?

Oh and be right Ninja Gaiden 2 is a 360 exclusive. You get Ninja Gaiden 1 remake of a game I already have played years ago. Enjoy it, it's a good game

highps34265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Most of those are going to PC and in are no way exclusive to the 360. Ill be playing most of those games even though I own a PS3...

Nor is Ninja Gaiden 2 exclusive to 360.

sak5004265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

He cannot count higher as his ps3 doesnt even have good games higher than 3 at the moment.

edit: Isnt it strange that most previews of the upcoming/future titles for 360 atleast show some sort of in-game shots or gameplay vids, whereas for PS3, 95% of the screen shots or vids are of cgi cutscenes/intros etc.

DeadlyFire4265d ago

I agree with Highps3, since about 16-24 of those titles are multi-platform or on the PC how and why are they called exclusive games. They should be labeled crossplatform games. So that would make the real number of X360 exclusive games to 24-32. I can get about everything I want from the X360 on my computer with Halo 3 in 3-5 years with the next version of Windows after Vista. LoL. Only about 3 or 4 X360 games I am interested in Mass Effect, Lost Oddyssey, Too Human, Halo 3. So I think I will wait little while longer before I get a X360. PS3 however has about 10-15 games I am interested in that are exclusive to the console and not the PC. Not all of them are sequels there is alot of new things as well. As far as PS3's price goes that is all Blu-Ray's fault, without Blu-Ray PS3 would of cost the same as X360 to make and would of cost about the same. Either way the console is a good deal with the number of games + free online, Blu-Ray(BDROM players cost $600-1000 dollars alone). Seeing that Microsoft makes you pay $500-700 dollars for console with Live being $50 a year thats more than PS3, but I am the only one who notices that I believe. Either way both the consoles are great buys from the games I have sampled.

dantesparda4264d ago

Here we go again with this bullsh!t, people spewing this bullsh!t on this site and making yourselves look stupid. Cuz you do not need to upgrade your graphics card on a PC every year! This is a complete and utter lie and a fallacy! Now if you want the lastest and greatest, then yeah you're gonna have to upgrade, but otherwise you dont have to upgrde. Saying that you have to upgrade every year, is like me saying that you have to upgrade on the 360 every year and a half because of the "Elite". Now that would just make me look stupid right? if i said it. Well thats how stupid you look when you make such statements about the PC. Now if you get a really low-end graphics card, then maybe you may need to upgrade alot sooner than if you get a high-end (or at least mid-range card). But you dont not have to upgrade every year!. My computer has parts all from 2002 (and some from 2003) and there is only one game i cant run and would have to upgrade for. And that game is Rainbow Six Vegas, other than that, all other games work on it and in fact, run at higher picture quality than the 360, only at slighty lower framerates than the 360 (i can usually get 25 or higher frames per second on most games) and thats on 5 year old hardware. And it can pretty much match or even surpass the 360 thus far.

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Jay da 2KBalla4265d ago

Well seeing how nobody has played them who knows if they are going to be good or not, just like any other games. But from what I've seen of previews, the overwhelming majority of those games are going to be very good.

Damn I love my 360.

Evoluti0n4265d ago

...only 4 or 5 are actually good?! Are you serious, shaka?

ThaGeNeCySt4265d ago

must be a lot of stuff on that page, i can't even get it to load without freezing my IE... *tries to view with firefox*

Icryo4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Very interesting post. Well done Kking! And Marison of course.

power of Green 4265d ago

The page won't finish loading on my PC either.

TheMART4265d ago

For those that can't view it

It's an IE problem.

Get Firefox and it'll load just fine! ANd it's worth it. So download firefox right now if you haven't got it already