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You are Alex Mercer. What exactly that means is initially unclear because this is a man who has lost his memory, but awoken in a morgue to a world in which he possesses untold power. A viral outbreak has claimed Manhattan, forcing the island into a military quarantine. The infected citizens are undergoing radical, monstrous changes -- none more drastic than Alex himself. This anti-hero finds himself with the ability to shape shift and absorb other beings. As the most powerful being on a closed island, the entire city is your playground. And it is a game world that feels unfinished.

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San Frandisco5225d ago

hmm... its from the XBOX 360 section in IGN so must mean that the 360 version is EPIC FAIL!

ape0075225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

talking about systems before even thinking about the game itself

that's what I call an epic fail


sad thing is,you'll never wake up


I want you to know that if u put 360 and ps3 in one room,they will not fight each other,both will work to fullfil your gameing experince

silly,stupid and crazy,you fanboys really give a bad image about us gamers,every announcment,every reveal,the first thing that come to thier minds is "haha ps3 win" or "360 ftw",even multiplats titles,"oh look AA","better lighning" "WOOOOW LOOK faster loading"

hey hey hey,you give these little silly thing more consern than actually enjoying the game

FANBOYS ARE EVEN MUCH WORSE THAN WII CASUAL GAMERS,at least wii casual,just play thier application,have fun and go...while fanboys,everyday and every site,"OHHH LOOK SHARPER GFX,PS3 or 360 SUCKSSSS"


rucky5225d ago

Naw it's probably just Bloodmask posting every piece of review from 360 sections again to get more 360 page hits. That is unless the game gets a low score then he posts it from the ps3 section.

GiantEnemyCrab5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

Keep showing how PS3 fanboys are the worst thing to ever grace gaming!

Keep it up! We all need our daily laughs from the nutter house.

Funny is even your own fellow droid won't acknowledge you and can manage to spin even you're failures into something that is Xbox's fault.

@below: A fanboy is a fanboy but there is a special place in hell for PS3 fanboys. They are the worst in my opinion.

pwnsause5225d ago

its not because of that. it just sounds like bad development time.


the same thing applies to 360 fanboys as well.

lloyd_wonder5225d ago

Looks like Crab forgot to put his tampon on before taking this whole console stuff serious. He's leaking all over himself. lawl

Microsoft Xbox 3605225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

You guys act as if 360 fanboys don't exist and act as if 360 fanboys aren't on the same level of fanboyism as San Frandisco. Really dumb hypocrites in here.

Stop making a big deal about fanboyism. It's human nature whether you like it or not. At the end of the day, its all fun and games. Don't take opinions so seriously next time.

But meanwhile back in sensitive fanboy N4G land, Prototype is a flop. LOL

thebudgetgamer5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

stuck in a room with nothing but the console you hate.

;) heaven for me. a room full of every console and arcade cabinet ever made. except the 5200. man i hate it so much.

ptotoy5225d ago

xbots, is this your best game this summer? might as well go for ghostbuster.. but go for the ps3 version that comes with the original movie in hi-def.. LMAO inFAMOUS >>>> prototype aka hulk ultimate destruction v2.0

Filet of Children5225d ago


If the worst insult you can give to Prototype is that it's like "Hulk Ultimate Destruction v2.0", then you really should play Ultimate Destruction. It effing rocked, haha.

...gonna get back to playing Prototype now.

Chubear5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

... PWNED! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that's right EAT IT HATERS!! WoooooooooT!!!

I really don't give a toss about your nerdy insults of "fanboy this fanboy that" If you know me you'll know I utterly despise editorial review gaming sites. I think they're a cancer to the progression of the industry and I've long called for some sensible balance so these Aholes dont' hold so much power over developers and the community any more...

However, that being said, when something like this happens, it is sooooo frikgen SWEEEEEEET!

All the 360 fanbase that just ragg and hate on PS3 exclusives no matter how insanely great these IPs look; All of them that look for developers to fail cause they do PS3 exclusives even though they can clearly see extremely high quality in these IPs but will willingly have some mediocre crap hyped to hell just cause it's not a PS3 exclusive; all them that love to see PS3 exclusive developers close down shop even though they worked their darnest to bring gamers great new gaming experiences all just because they had an exclusive on the PS3. This one is a WIN for PS3 exclusive developers and I'll take it and run!

We all could see INfamous was a much better quality gaming experience from the start but no-oooo, the 360 fanbase know if they can just BS loudly enough, you'll get anyone believing mediocre games are indeed AAA and vice-versa. For some reason the 360 fanbase have taken multiplat games to be their exclusives and thus they always look for multiplats, that don't push our gaming experiences, to out shine exclusives that clearly do.

I am so glad for Sucker Punch. So easily this great great game they toiled on could have been down the crapper and mediocre games would have been hailed as AAA over it. Thus, the PS3 fanbase could have been robbed, yet again, of sequels to a great new IP.

Today is a good day and I'm happy for INfamous & Sucker Punch on this one. EAT IT HATERS! WoooooooooT! lol!!!!!!!!

SaberEdge5225d ago

Look, inFamous isn't a failure you weirdo, it's a great game.

That said, your little tirade is pretty off the mark considering that so far Prototype is sitting at 93 on metacritic, while inFamous is at 85. And unless you can read the future and know for a fact that Prototype will go lower than inFamous I wouldn't be mouthing off about how much better your beloved PS3 exclusive is.

The way it is looking right now, I would say that they are both great games. Get the one that interests you more and just enjoy it.

AngryTypingGuy5225d ago

PS3 fanboys are definitely the worst and most petty.

Boty5225d ago

please don't tell me you have never seen a xbox 360 fanboy do the EXACT same thing as him.


Thats a good rating. I might just pick this game up.

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Forrest Gump5225d ago

Nice score,not better than inFamous but this was expected.

Blaze9295225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

But I wonder if IGN really played this game or just wrote up a quick review to beat the embargo and get tons of hits for being one of the first top sites with a review; doesn't sound like the reviewer really gave a damn. 5.5 graphics...really? Other reviews are looking pretty sweet.

ah well, was never interested in the game anyway.

lokiroo4205225d ago

"If it weren't for some nice animations, this game wouldn't have anything going for it visually."


"You can do just about everything in well under 20 hours. I didn’t find myself compelled to play for a second time at all."

double ouch!

Lifendz5225d ago

Prototype you rent. And that's not a slight at 360 because the game isn't exclusive. The fact that my actions influence how the populace sees me sold me on infamous. In Prototype it seems you're just a walking wrecking ball. I'm sure the game is fun though. I plan on restarting my Gamefly account in a few weeks. It'll probably be one of the first games I play.

IzKyD13315225d ago

It's official, infamous>prototype

kws10655225d ago

What are those disagrees above?

Remember. Prototype is also available in PS3.

lokiroo4205225d ago


When you cant shoot down a ps3 exclusive, phantom disagree instead.

theEnemy5225d ago

I'm still buying this.

The story and gameplay looks interesting and worth playing IMO.


i want crackdown 2 more than any sandbox game in this world, even more than gta.

The Captain5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

I am playing this game on the PS3 and the graphics and attention to detail are amazing. It's not KZ 2 graphics, but still amazing considering how much action is going on. The fire, exposions and smoke look great as well. Tons of blood.

zoneofenders5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

i have already beat this game. 7.5 seems about right.
somewhat fun game but lacks polishing.
and disguise system is just stupid.

i have no idea how could anybody give it a score above 8.5

morganfell5225d ago

I want Agent more than any other sandbox game.

DasBunker5225d ago

everything under 20 hours? not even compells you to play a second time?

sounds like a rent to me...as i said ill get it used, there are far better games coming up to waste my time and money in this game right now