PC World review Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

Microsoft's $400 Xbox 360 game console comes with a built-in DVD drive. But Microsoft offers a external HD DVD Player to hook up to the console. This is a bargain-priced starting point for Xbox 360 owners who want to begin watching high-def movies; however, the combo has some significant drawbacks.

Based on PC Worlds tests, if you don't already own an Xbox, you have no earthly reason to buy these two boxes just for next-generation video playback. A stand-alone HD DVD player (such as the inexpensive $500 Toshiba HD-A2) will give you better picture and sound, without the hassle of running two gadgets to do the job of one.

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BIadestarX4303d ago

What if I want both. HD-DVD and the 360? Or if I want only the 360? or what if I want just the HD-DVD to watch movies on my computer?

techie4303d ago

agreed! and what if you dont have $1000 to buy a good hddvd player! I mean we're not all made of money. The add-on for a 360 owner is a bargain.

Kastrol4303d ago

I wonder how the xbox 360 would look with hd-dvd drive, camera, wi-fi etc and all the other componets once connected all together

BIadestarX4302d ago

I have it like that. And it may amaze you, but it does not look at bad. As matter of fact I am saving space. I used to have a bulky Sony DVD player next to my 360 (don't believe is watching movies on my Console, never did with the PS2 either). Now the HD-DVD is the smaller dvd/hd-dvd player you can find. the wi-fi adapter goes was designed to clip in the back of the 360 and it's hardly notisable unless you turn your 360 to see it.

Which you can attach to the 360 or the hd-dvd.

Camera is very small, probably one of the smallest cameras.

I only plug it to the 360 only when I am going to play Uno. Most of the time I am using it on My PC. Hell of a good camera for the price.

Also.. the HD-DVD does not look that bad or messy next to the 360.

power of Green 4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

Never seen a 360? etc. lol

CAPS LOCK4302d ago

they rated this add on too high. it should of been a 6.5.

NextGen24Gamer4302d ago

It will bolster the review of the HD dvd add on. HDMI makes a huge difference for HD movie playback and entertainment enthusiast. At the time of this review Componant was the biggest factor in the review score not being stellar. Its a Good add on for the millions of people who don't have 1080p tv's and with the elite model....1080p tv owners will be happy. Great for everyone. In the last two weeks there have been more HD dvd releases than blu ray. I'm glad to see HD dvd back on track.

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