Call of Duty: World at War Exclusive Shi no Numa DLC Trailer HD

Shi no Numa DLC (Map Pack 2 zombies) Trailer in HD from

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Bob Dole3511d ago

$20 says this DLC is bigger than L4D2! Haha all kidding aside this looks fan-freakin-tastic!

bloodcell3510d ago

i know, i really cant believe they put that music to this trailer. then again its treyarch and [email protected] i cant bring myself to buy this 2nd dlc, the game is just rubbish

SuperSharpShooter3510d ago

love to know why its rubbish, in your own words please....

Bloodshedder3510d ago

haahaha, well his own words were "the game is just rubbish"
theres your answer

SuperSharpShooter3510d ago

all this users names?.lol...bloodcell??

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