Crysis Nuke Demo

New special effects video filmed at the Crysis Spring '07 Summit.

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ASSASSYN 36o4273d ago

Short but very nice. Im going to get a new CPU.

Evil Rant Monkey4273d ago

Very Short, but definatly very sweet

socomnick4273d ago


nebpredude844272d ago

holy mother of god!!!!!!! this has to come to 360..........i dont care what them PC fanbi#$es say..oops i mean FanBoys

cuco334272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! has crytek released system specs for this game? cuz i got a good pc but i just might have to build a new rig for this and for future pc gaming, putting mine into my plans of a stand alone racing sim for gtr, gtl, gtr2 sim racer :) yeah im one of those guys who would do such a thing and include a recaro or corbeau seat and racing wheel in the mix :D

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