PSM: Final Fantasy XIII visually superior to a Hollywood movie

Two new scans from English magazine Playstation Monthly have been uploaded. They feature an article about Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII's graphics, saying that "...You'll be playing a game on a home console visually superior to a Hollywood movie". Worth checking out.

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achira4266d ago

thats an interesting statement! i cant wait for this game! my much wanted list: 1. ff13 2.killzone 3.MGS4 4.Lair 5.Wahrhawk 6.HS

InMyOpinion4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

FFXIII vs. 300, side-by-side comparison? lol! Very silly statement indeed.

Let's use a 6 year old movie, FFXIII vs. FF: Spirits Within (2001)

THAMMER14266d ago

That is how you set the bar. HIGH as hell. Please let them deliver on this one. PLEASE PLEASE Do not let down all the FF fan out here.

Says you4266d ago

Regular game play THAMMER1 considering you XBox 360 fans are jealous that theres know game for XBox 360 that can do that.

Marriot VP4266d ago

thank you for that very factual and well conceived rebuttal.

Too bad all you have to throw at the FACTS, is that your a fanboy

Marriot VP4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

'sniff' 'sniff'

I sniff a sad attempt to hype a game through cgi. FF's have normally been very good/great games if you like their genre. But this kind of advertisement is pathetic, and only brainless tool like achira, overrated, and says you would latch on to this disregarding FACTS.

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The story is too old to be commented.