Microsoft Won't Commit To Real-Money Transactions Across Xbox Live

Unfortunately, Stephen Johnson might have jumped the gun a bit yesterday, when he applauded Microsoft (and rightly so!) for introducing real-money transactions for Xbox Live's upcoming "Games on Demand" service. The E3-announced feature allows users to purchase Xbox 360 games straight to their hard drive with a credit or debit card without Microsoft Points. Microsoft has since clarified to me that we shouldn't necessarily be taking that as a sign real-money transactions will be extended to the rest of Xbox Live.

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Capt CHAOS4290d ago

Sorry but the way the system works is pretty damn good.. Keep it as it is I say.

FantasyStar4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Well, it's just so damn inconvenient when I use a 1600 point card and I have 200pt left over. I have to spend more to justify those 200pt and it later becomes a vicious cycle. I prefer the PSN method of only paying what's necessary instead of having to buy points and having some left over that's non-refundable. It's the exact same reason why I hate Gift-cards.