Crysis vs Real Life Comparison

This is the second video and this one has somewhat better quality to it then the first one. It shows some new pictures.

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gta_cb4269d ago

for some reason i couldnt watch the video, can someone please tell me what they looked like.

blooodFrenzy924269d ago

Real Life Oviously looks better. But not by much. Freaky what the industry is going to be like in 5 years.

PS3n3604269d ago

take that reality you got owned. the graphics on crysis kick ass over real life. take that you reality fanboys, and dont start saying wait till next year when reality figures out how to use the earths complex ecosystem for better graphics cause we have been waiting since Adam and Eve for that. Fact: earth started 10 million years ago so god had plenty of dev time.

techie4269d ago

lol funny. Nice one...some of us got it

Says you4269d ago

Considering that Crysis isnt even near close to reality and further more reality will always be better than Crysis any day any year dumbass.

PS3n3604269d ago

if reality is so great you should be playing it instead of posting on these articles. I hear Parking Lot Simulator and Lunch Line are the best games availble on reality at the moment. Reality is sitting on shelves and no one wants it.

ALIEN4269d ago

that [email protected]# looks real, but it will never look as real as reality, nope never!

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The story is too old to be commented.