Saboteur First Look

GameSpot checks out Pandemic's unconventionally sneaky action game set in World War II:

"It's safe to say that games have gone to the World War II idea well one time too many. But then, that most epic conflict in world history has proved to be a fertile source of inspiration for game developers. Despite the familiar nature of most action games centered on the war, Southern California-based Pandemic, of Destroy All Humans!, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Mercenaries fame, is trying its hand at offering a new take on that familiar ground with Saboteur, an original third-person action game. We recently visited the developer to get a look at an early work-in-progress version to find out how its game isn't going to fit into the stereotypical WWII mold."

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Extra Guy4267d ago

I have to admit the more i hear about this game the more i want to know. It's definately a different twist on the genre, i think they'll pull it off well (just as they did with DAH, taking a different view on the Alien Invasioin theme).

Extra Guy4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Double post