Guitar Hero Designer Responds to Unlockable Content Controversy

Chris Canfield, listed as Game Designer for Guitar Hero II, acknowledged the subsection of gamers who prefer to have all the content available to them immediately. He went on to explain the developer's efforts to balance these gamers' interests with gamers who enjoy the challenge of unlocking content.

In addition to providing the "all unlock" cheat codes for the game, he encouraged gamers to contact him with any thoughts on "how [the development team] can further satisfy the needs of this group while retaining a difficulty curve and rewards structure."

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Mikey_Gee4273d ago

Unlock All Code:



Personally I will do it the good old fasion way of working through to earn my achievments and my song unlocks, but I am curious to know what the letter correspond to. Maybe the code is just a joke/BS to piss off the short cut takers even more


BenzMoney4273d ago

My guess would be:

But that might be too obvious.

Drew4273d ago

There's no orange button on the '360...

GameJunkieJim4273d ago

But there is an Orange on the guitar....

Armyless4273d ago

This is what happens when gaming stretches into the mass market and starts to gain mass appeal.

This is what happens when you invite casual gamers to the party.

Guitar Hero 2 is not a "Simon Says" toy. It's GUITAR HERO. You become a Guitar God by playing through the stages. People that treat this like a karaoke machine and want all content open at the start have no concept of earning their keep in gaming, have no concept of mastering a skill through levels and slowly overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Guitar Hero actually TEACHES you how to play if you play it right, the way it's made to play through stages, by increasing it's difficulty.

Games should not be scrutinized by non-gamers.

(Having said that, cheat codes are fine. I never use them.)

Armyless4273d ago

One of my fellow Guitar Legends here actually made a great point to me and I need to (cough) adjust my stance a little. If you bought this game for a large party and you want to entertain everyone without limiting yourself to subsets of songs, then yes...

Tough balancing act there.

Mikey_Gee4273d ago

^ ^ ^

Good point. Never thought about it that way. I DO KNOW for myself I want to unlock stuff myself.

Now, the question is ... can you unlock for a PARTY let's say but not have it save the cheat so when I come back I still have to earn the songs.

I would check myself, but my 360 will not be back till next week.

Ugly American4272d ago

You can just do what I do... create a new profile called: Party and use it when people come over to screw around. You can leave your profile for all of your solo gaming.

gogators4273d ago

having unlocked almost all of them, I would say it's much more rewarding to unlock them. The game isn't easy, but at least Red Octane has done a good job at making feel like an accomplishment when you do unlock those songs that need to be.

Odiah4273d ago

It's just one retard mouthing off towards the industry.

Mikey_Gee4273d ago

I never even thought of the buttons on the neck of the guitar. No doubt that is what the color correspond to.

Good catch !!

GameJunkieJim4273d ago

Now if I could only get my whammy bar to work right.