First Patch for Uncharted 2 MP Beta

According to arne from Naughty Dogs Development team, a patch will be released in the upcoming few days for Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta and should contain the following features:

Patch Notes


* Grenade explosions now apply damage properly


* Players should no longer get hung up in matchmaking for long periods of time
* Teams in Competitive Playlist will now be balanced according to player rank

Bug Fixes

* Ranks should no longer reset randomly
* Quitting the game will no longer reset the PS3
* Player collision – players should no longer get hung up on each other when moving through the environment
* Player will now be killed if stuck in falling animation for too long
* In Plunder mode, treasures will no longer disappear during matches

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shingo4561d ago

yeah, this should make the beta even more enjoyable for me :D

the plunder mode is soo addicting!! thanks Naughty Dogs.

WildArmed4561d ago

i can go back to playing uncharted 2 w/o killing my ps3 bit by bit :D

tdrules4561d ago

rank resetting
i guess its worth it for the ability to not wait half an hour for a game, which is the average in the UK

WildArmed4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

i dont mind. ranks didnt mean much. back 2 lvl 1 from 18 :/
i hope we get that shop system soon, so i can use the money i earn

either way, can't wait 4 this patch.
Alot of my friends have been not playing coz of the ps3 reset.

tdrules4561d ago

quoted from source

yoghurt4561d ago

This is good, and exactly what the BETA is for. But surely we won't get an article every time they release a patch?

My ranks have already been reset, doesn't matter though as it's only the BETA, we are playing it to help ND make the game as best they can, I'm not bothered about ranking up until full release

I can't believe people haven't been playing it because of the reset thing, it only does it when you stop playing the game - big deal?

himdeel4561d ago

...I had to actually explain several times to people what a beta was. They were complaining about things beings buggy...I almost cursed them out and had to catch myself. Betas on consoles are just over some peoples head. I'm glad to do my part to test this piece of a game I cannot wait to play the full retail version of.