Microsoft has completely abandoned Windows XP

Paul Thurrott of Windows IT Pro brings an often irreverent look at some of the week's other news, including Windows Weekly Live, a coming "free" version of the Zune, Home Server SDK, nerd in space, Vista SP1 stupidity, XP SP3 stupidity, Longhorn Server Beta 3 candidate, and so much more...

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DJ4309d ago

considering almost no one wants to upgrade to Vista. I can imagine them hiring guys to take down XP computers with worms and viruses, all in the name of forcing an upgrade. =P

The_Firestarter4309d ago

Don't say that! I'm getting really paranoid now.

HuntingYou4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

Fuk Xbox owners........check

Fuk PC owners ........check

Make another trillion dollars........check


EDIT: oh...wait i know. xp is old technolgy, it can't handle the new code. anyway they were losing money on...oh wait that was the xbox 1.5 ...right?

Neutral Gamer4309d ago

Service Pack 1 and 2 for XP fixed a lot of problems and added some great features, all for free. A lot of people I've spoken to don't have any problems with XP, it just works. And it should do considering how long it's been out.

Sure it doesn't look as snazzy as Vista or Mac OS, but I find it pretty damn reliable and I know that the vast majority of software is still gonna be released for it.

This just feels like the whole Xbox thing again. As soon as the 360 came out the original Xbox (which I still love playing on - 4 Xbox LAN Halo anyone?) was basically abandoned. It looks like they may do the same to us XP owners.

Which is a pity cos there's a HELL of a lot more XP users out there than Xbox owners and we're gonna be pissed off!

Marriot VP4309d ago

I'm sorry, but you can't play xbox halo lan parties now??

Neutral Gamer4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

What do you mean I can't play Xbox Halo LAN parties now?

There's nothing like the original, non dual wielding, classic Halo.

Get some cheap original Xbox's, some beer and your mates round. Classic gameplay never gets old my friend! Worth playing for the original pistol alone!

Marriot VP4309d ago

what are you talking about?? Are you drunk or something

I'm saying that "you can't play halo lan parties now??" hint: question mark

Meaning that I don't understand how MS ditched the xbox 1. Developers are responsible for the games they deliver. I played halo parties back in high school, lot-o-fun

Neutral Gamer4309d ago

Ah, I see what you're saying now - it's hard with text sometimes because you can't hear people's tone of voice! Know what I mean?

Here are my responses to the points you made:

Am I drunk? Of course! Like all great men I, along with my friends, drank our way through uni and are drunkards to this very day. Hell I'm typing one handed just so I can continually swig away from my bottle of Vodka.

I'm kidding, I can assure you I don't drink while posting comments. What kind of person drinks in front of a computer by themselves anyway?!

Secondly in regards to the developers being responsible. First party developers are extremely important as they make the exclusives, optimise their code for the specific hardware and "represent" the console manufacturer.

If I remember correctly, Conker Live and Reloaded was the last first party Xbox game. Did you see Sony do the same thing? Just look at the recent God of War 2 for your answer. Having first party exclusives still coming out puts a good face on your console and assures other developers it's still worth developing for.

But forget that, the main thing is that Microsoft stopped PRODUCING new Xbox's. With an ever dwindling supply and no more new marketing from them, it was no surprise that third party developers gradually gave up on the old black box and concentrated their efforts on the PS2 (and to some extent the 360).

Finally, I don't know why you pointed out the Halo LAN thing. It was just a throwaway comment, I even put in brackets, to show one of the many reasons I still love playing on the original Xbox. Yeah we can all STILL play Halo now but can we play any of the new third party games that came out for the PS2 and 360? No.

Anyway, I hope that's illuminated the reasoning behind my original comment, and if it hasn't, then I give up and I'll go and get myself another bottle ... Cheers! :)

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Violater4309d ago

why charge you less for and upgrade when we can make it look like a new OS and charge you more, genius sheer genius.

BIadestarX4309d ago

You complain about Microsoft not supporting an old OS. But how about linux? Do they have a 800 number that you can call when you are having problems?

Merovee4309d ago

Many places have helplines for Linux but only if you buy the softwar with the support pack, and that would make it ..... well about $220 cheaper than Vista with the support and less problems from the start, besides the only advice you'll get from MS support is: ReFormat and ReInstall instructions lol. If your not an idiot however Linux is FREE, you do your own tech support (because hell even Corky from "Life Goes On" has more IT experience than the MS support hotline) it's more versitile, uses less HDD space, uses less memory, and is more secure.

My view $300+ is alot of money for a hotline that doesn't even offer to try and give you a "Happy Ending" like most other for pay 1-xxx #'s

Adamalicious4309d ago

It would be tough, but I'd probably have to go with Linux. I'm thinking in terms as my work as a web developer. I'd still have to run IE though - and Wine just isn't there yet. sigh...

Point is - thank heavens for OS X.

Extra Guy4308d ago

OSX is just on another plain compared with windows in the creative areas. Not to mention how even the standard office bits and bobs are made easier. And even better it's never crashed on me once, also people just don't make Mac viruses.

BIadestarX4308d ago

I have a unix box in my house cause I support and application I wrote to do voip. I have a mac since I am a web developers and I have to test the pages. But for the most parts I use windows for entertainment. I use it to play the games I want to play. Here is goes it goes. Any piece of software for the most part runs on Windows... not the same can be said about linux or Mac. Call it Monopoly or wherever but as far as Usability Linux it's not an option. You want to use your PC to play games you have to have windows. And now with windows vista (DirectX 10) Linux and Mac are even further from being an option to play games.

"If your not an idiot however Linux is FREE" actually No. If you have lots of time in you hands to learn all the linux commands and have the patience and are lucky if the hardware you have works with linux. Why do you think people charge $150/hour to support linux?

"it's more versitile, uses less HDD space, uses less memory, and is more secure."

versitile, how?
uses less HDD space? LOL. I still have 800GB left on my Windows Box.
uses less memory? Prove it. Also, I have 2GB
more secure? never being hacked... ever... maybe cause I have a firewall, don't download crap. and only open ports that I know I need to have on. I welcome you to try to hack me. I dare you to leave your linux box on the internet directly (no firewall) and give me your IP and you will see if it's more secure. The only reason it may be more secure is because who's going to hack an OS that's not mainstream? It's logical.

Now .. this is a game site. we are all gamers. So, tell me.. as gamers are concern... which one is a better OS.. Windows or Linux?

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