Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update Video: May 7th release

Gamespot leaked this video of the Xbox 360 spring update. Of course the video was quickly pulled but with the wonders of youtube we are now able to watch the video in all it's glory. The video is 1 min 32 sec in length and reveals the release date as May 7th, tells of new download manager options, new features with Windows Live, and Achievement refinements.

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Diselage6021d ago

I'm really wondering how they're going to intergrate the Windows Live and MSN Messenger features. Though the upgrade to the download manager is a nice perk.

Drew6021d ago

You can choose to have them on or off. It's completely optional.

Lyberator6021d ago

nothin real big for me. I was hopin they would add in a party chat with voice for the dash.

Mikey_Gee6021d ago

I was thinking the same thing when I heard that. I love my 360 ... but my fans will stay on thanks !!

closedxxx6021d ago

They REALLY need to add a folder view when you are browsing videos from your PC. I hate that you have a list of ALL of your videos and it doesn't list them in the folder they reside in on your PC. They've got pictures categorized by their PC folder, and they need to do the same with videos. Especially now that WMV HD is more prominent.

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5 Of the Most Unlikeable Video Game Protagonists

There are good video game protagonists, and there are bad video game protagonists.

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15h ago
GhostScholar14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

I disagree that max is unlikable. Chloe is infinitely more unlikable in my opinion.

gold_drake6h ago

omg chloe was awful. i really hated her at the end haha

Cacabunga48m ago

Abby was absolute trash protagonist in every way..
Tidus was so meh to me..
On villain side, the one i didn’t like wa Micah, because they wanted him to be that way and it was brilliant👍🏽

Rancegamerx3h ago

I agree, I liked Max, Chloe was a horrible friend and a bad influence.