Rant: Where's the Quality Assurance?

It's becoming increasingly common these days for products to not work properly. The video game industry is a huge culprit here. From consoles to accessories to games themselves, everything is broken when it ships.

There's one driving force behind all of this: money. The almighty dollar has driven these large companies to care less about what makes the customer ultimately happy, but what will make them rich in the short-term. What used to a be a case of "delay the product until it's right" has turned into "push it out the door as fast as we can and we'll fix it later." While it has somewhat worked, I think it's going to backfire on these companies soon. Console gamers are getting more and more frustrated at that they have to patch and update their games. We, as gamers, don't want to have to find bugs in a game, then wait weeks or even months for a fix. The fix should have been implemented before the game got out. Period. End of story.

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