Project Natal to launch as Wii HD spoiler - analyst

Microsoft's motion control technology Project Natal is most likely to be introduced as a spoiler to dampen the launch of an expected high definition upgrade to Nintendo's Wii console..

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ChickeyCantor4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Arrr nvm.

Syronicus4290d ago

For how long now has the Xbox 360 been 50 bucks cheaper than the Wii? For how long now has the Xbox 360 outsold the Wii in any region? Lastly, do they really believe that a motion camera controller will actually get people in the same league as the Wii fans to buy the Xbox 360? At what point does MS or Sony for that matter realize that the Wii is a casual fad for many of its fans and that having a Wii and talking about it to friends is more "hip" than to say they have an Xbox with Natal or Sony PS3 with motion control? The Wii is more than just a casual gaming console, it is the iPod of gaming. Sure you can have competitors but int he end, they are just that, second best. Even if they work better and have better games, the casual market doesn't care. They only want the Wii because its what other casuals want.

Just some food for thought and most of all, MHO so please, don't flame.

tehReaper4290d ago

Ahh yes I agree, but you forgot one crucial fact: Microsoft is amazing at marketing.

If they advertise it right, who knows?

Jockamo4290d ago

not to mention a 25 year install base.

N4g_null4290d ago

MS just doesn't make good games period. That is their main down fall. The company just is not set up for creativity really.

They have a lot of studio but none of them rival any 3rd parties except the halo franchise.

They are a great company I guess but they still do not understand what gaming is about yet. Then you have the fans that just push new people away because they are so lame acting. People are not telling others to buy an xbox 360 right now commercial are. Really people like to take advice from real people not from the internet or some talking head.

No one cares about HD they want fun. You may not realize it but more Wii owners have PCs that can run the latest games also. Only young men are impressed by HD graphics, most people don't care or they have been looking at HD graphic for more than 3 years before HD gaming came, which is why the 360 sold so slow in the beginning.

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mrv3214290d ago

Microsoft Natal can do allot of things.

-Work in the dark
-Make 2-D tv's 3-D
-Make every website ignore the obvious
-Make people forget about lack of exclusive games
-Make Big Headed Peter even more arrogant
-Make people fall to their knees and bow to the worlds largest gimmick like hore bow at my feet. And similary both will have a high cost.

But can it ever beat Nintendo, the company that has been going so long Grandparents remember their first console.

I'm pretty sure people who buy the Wii aren't as tech savvy as let's just say anyone above 5 and below 20, so I doubt 3-DV make much sense, the like a simple waving thing not some 'x' 'box' majig which play movies online account, big tv's. The wii gives them what they want, basic fun. Neither Sony or Microsoft should compete for that, they should please the hardcore, but the hardcore will never be happy.

ChickeyCantor4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

" I'm pretty sure people who buy the Wii aren't as tech savvy as let's just say anyone above 5 and below 20, "

Actually many people getting a 360 or Ps3 dont even know how to set up a proper setup either.
Seriously I dont believe 50% here even knows hows to setup the perfect "setup".

And there are allot of "casual" people owning a Ps3 and 360 too.

Yes its true.

O and lots of gamers still own a SD tv...yeah not everyone is rich.

johnnywit4290d ago

It all comes down to marketing and MS are pros at that. Everywhere I look the media is talking about natal and hyping it up. It was even on good morning America today. whether it's a gimmick or not I don't know, but with enough good word going around I'm sure people will buy into it. I will do as I always have and wait about 6 months after it has been released to see if it lives up to the hype. I've done this with everything related to video games after I purchased the atari jaguar.

Godmars2904290d ago

Nevermind that around half of all 360s aren't even online.

Forget that Natal will probably cost more than $50. Be packed in with a new SKU.

N4g_null4290d ago

I think MS may have missed their opportunity. If they actualy had a game for the "casuals" to buy then we could see some competition. Yet it seems more like some thing people will say wow about and then go and buy Wii fit plus because there are not games for it yet. No one cares about milo.

With out a game a sale price they are still out of the game. Some thing tells me it will go beyond the eye toy simply because I've played with this tech already yet still be missing the core things that made the Wii a success.

On top of that MS has never been good at design.... almost any thing....

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n4f4290d ago

something called wii motion plus is coming out and i dont think that this analyst know something about it...
yes project natal is awesome but saying that it will come same time has wii hd is a bit crazy

divideby04290d ago

the only spoiler will be on MS, when they price the Natal hardware very close to the new Big N console...and most gamers wont pay that much for an addy so early on....AND by than the PS3 will be 300 bucks and with Natal sitting about 200....whoa

Mike134nl4290d ago

Would be funny if microft raised their console prices with 200$.

Since it will be sold seperatly and will be included with future xbox's they will most likely be able to produce a large number of natal units which should reduce the costs also 2010 is still far away.

divideby04290d ago

MS is going to be careful.
They got a good sellin console at a good price.
This tech. is to expensive for mainstream public AND not good enough for online competitive gamming, hence MS has to position the product carefully.
So the mass number of units you are thinking about is at least a couple of years off.

NowGen4290d ago

i just hope microsoft and sony for that matter dont get caught up in trying to match what nintendo is doing. i would guess that all those new casual gamers aren't even the slightest bit interested in what sony and microsoft have to offer. i say let nintendo alone and do your own thing.

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