Over 20,000 sign Left4Dead 2 boycott petition

BrutalGamer writes: Valve have always been the gamers dev company. They were the golden boys of community gaming, but this years E3 has thrown a huge spanner in the works of that once pristine reputation. We at take it upon ourselves to analyze the situation in our own - unique - ways and see who is left standing at the end of it.

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Nelson M4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

20,000 plus 1

Sorry jeffBunz
2 Exclusive's already this year
How many the DLCBoX Got
And i aint worring about issue's with the PS3
because there aint Any

JeffGUNZ4614d ago

You don't have to worry about those issues with the PS3, because it takes 5 years for an exclusive to come out.

tehReaper4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

Ohh really, you're signing it? Someone doesn't want Microsoft having another exclusive this holiday season. In fact I'd bet a few of the people who signed are PS3 fanboys.

I mean come on, it's okay to let Madden, Fifa, etc. release every year but Valve can't have one game? I can understand that people wanted the first one to be supported more, but DLC is a fairly new thing.

Here's an part of an article with details about the new game. Seems like a full new game to me.

"In conjunction with the Microsoft press conference unveiling, Valve has provided additional Left 4 Dead details. First, the new melee combat options. We saw the chainsaw teased in the trailer, but players will also be able to wield a frying pan, axe, baseball bat, and additional blunt-force objects. Valve has also detailed the new AI Director 2.0, which will not only affect how many of the undead you'll be tackling at any given time, but will also dictate weather effects, world objects, and pathways provided to the players.

Left 4 Dead 2 is scheduled for release on November 17 on Xbox 360 and PC, with new co-op campaigns, Versus campaigns and Survival maps." - Joystiq

Foxgod4614d ago

20k, for a game that sold 1.5 M +
Not much complainers if you look at it that way....

Troll-Killer4614d ago sold about 3.5 million, PC+360

Arnon4613d ago

Even better? :P

But in all seriousness. We know that when this game releases, it will be just as entertaining as the first one. And by the time it does, the boycott will most likely just kinda die off.

Winter47th4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

Every Source-based game, at its core, is nothing more than a re-skinned version of the last game, with tweaks here and there, but do they complain? no, and that got them the Orange Box. I don't see what's wrong with L4D2 except that they're basing ALL their claims on Valve promising them free content for L4D1, why do they think they won't deliver on that promise? even later down the road, TF2's a perfect example, the true updates arrived a couple'a years after the game's release, do they complain? no.

But now, 20 new weapons, each one's carefully balanced, everything is reskinned, 5 new chapts, new damage models, new ammo types, completely new voice overs 'even though the main characters themselves look terrible', new features. Do they complain? hell yeah! because they'll have to pay for the developer's time and money spent in the time of recession.

That sends a message to Valve: "hey, don't release your games too soon, instead keep making us more free stuff ASAP after the game's released, yeah, even those 5 other games, release free stuff for that too, don't make new games k."

They complain about it coming too soon, well did Valve ever disappoint before? no, they delivered. They've been working on the first L4D since 2004, it wasn't surprising to see L4D2 coming out too soon. Why don't they wait a while to see the end result before they whine?

otherZinc4613d ago

Absolutely, Infinity Ward should be boycotted due to the lame excuse for their omission of co-op through a mission since [email protected] has it & more.

I agree also, 1.5 million purchases -20k is 1.480million.

I'll have 2 copies day 1 for the co-op (get it Infinity Ward co-op)with my kid. I'll rent MW2 this time around, thats how I make my statement.

Veneno4613d ago

This doesn't take in to account the gamers that are upset but still don't sign.

R3D4613d ago

The assumption that ps3 fanboys are the ones doing the boycott is so fkn absurd! First of all, here is the link to the actual boycott page:

This N4G article, apart from not listing this seemingly important source, (oh idk the subject is just that isn't it?) is 8 hours old and already the actual boycott site shows that the number is 22,145, pretty fast progress. Now notice.

1) It is on the steam forums.

2) It is a group and not an online petition, although there may also be one in conjunction.

3) You must have a steam account to join.

Nuff said.

evrfighter4613d ago

"3) You must have a steam account to join. "

This is all you really needed to put to shutup the console gamers about some ridiculous theory that it's ps3 users that are signing it...

seriously....I mean really?.....are people dumb enough to think that?

oh wait. I forgot what site I'm on for a second.

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Omega44614d ago

I dont see the need to complain about this, just look at every sports game, call of duty, need for speed (i think) have basically the same game released every year at full price yet no one complains.

At least it coming from Valve so you know its going to be at least half decent

peeps4614d ago

I think it's a bit different though. Yes sports games are generally the same and perhaps something should be done about them e.g. updated rosters rather than new games each year and then do a new game every 2-3 years.

but say with COD, COD4 and COD:waw were very similar but, they had completely different guns, completely new multiplayer maps, new game modes (both competative and co-op) and a full single player campaign.

I think ppl's main problem is that L4D is technically a mod and thus ppl are still longing for more L4D content, but instead they are asked to buy a new full priced game.

I'll probably do what i did with L4D though and just wait untill it's on offer on steam. Can't complain with £13, even if i barely played it.

And when it comes down to it, you just know that a lot of ppl will still buy it regardless.

WhittO4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

Well put it this way, Fifa 09 has been out longer and has been supported longer by EA than L4D has by Valve, are we seeing a change in that EA are supporting all of their games and Valve are turing into the money-grabbing monster ? lol

Edit: Also, Cod games are totally new games that have been in development by different studios. It would be like Infinity Ward releasing A few map packs and charging $60 (full-priced game) to play them, even though they could be added as DLC (which is what people are complaining about with L4D 2)

Especailly since the first L4D has only been out 6 months ? is that like a record ?