FF 13 Exclusive, Bioshock,Killzone,Lair,Heavenly Sword,MGS:4.... reports:

So now we've got our PS3s and we've been getting stuck into those launch games. Which is all very exciting, but we wouldn't be human if we didn't have the odd sneaky thought about what is coming up next. So it would seem to be appropriate to gaze wistfully at promised future PS3 delights.

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specialguest4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

quote from article: "Another hotly anticipated title from 2K Games (also appearing on Xbox 360) is BioShock."

Ok, since when was BioShock announced for the PS3?? It would be nice, since I do own a PS3, but I don't recall any official word aside from rumors that had been debunked.

Did just accidently leaked out a secret? or are they just behind the times?

Hayabusa 1174267d ago

Wait for official announcement...oh, there won't be any.

T-Virus4267d ago

UPDATE: 2K reps just contacted us to let us know "BioShock is exclusive to Xbox360 and PC Games for Windows."

mandrake4267d ago

Before this all gets out of hand, Kotaku just received confirmation from 2K that Bioshock is 360/PC exclusive -

Please check that out before posting anything.

kingboy4267d ago

exclusive for how long? i guess only time will tell cuz we heard same thing about Devil may Cry being a ps3 exclusive

Hayabusa 1174267d ago

Cough*we saw it comong*cough.

Buts surely you PS3 dudes don't want "another shooter"?

techie4267d ago

it's an insult to call Bioshock another shooter. it's far more than that.

TheMART4266d ago

And that's why he used it as sarcasm...