Hacker checks out PS3 HDD

A console hacker has performs an analysis of the contents of the PS3 hard drive. He reveals information such as the HDD is encrypted with a Sony proprietary format, each HDD is individualized and an interesting block pattern occurs after 380MB.

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Silver3604304d ago

This affect those that swap out their HHD's for a bigger one?

Ps30074303d ago

360 has been hacked and slashed to pieces. Heard you dont even need to open the console any longer to run backed up games...

Ps3 is a beast have fun trying to crack it.

Madmax12819804303d ago

Ye But It Took Long Enough Wonder How Long It Will Take Hackers To Hack Ps3 (NOTHING IS UNHACKABLE!) not even the mighty ps3

kewlkat0074303d ago

Wherer ever there is a CPU, Memory, HDD involved nothing is Hack-Free you know that.