Complete Guide to the PlayStation Store

PSu provides a complete guide to what is available on the PlayStation store for purchase and download.

Everything from demos to trailers, we update it every thursday!

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GameJunkieJim4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Those prices are pretty steep in some areas, they could really take a cue from the LIVE Marketplace with the standardized costs (I.E. $5 or $10).

At the risk of instigating the ire of the Sony fanboys, I'll say this.

With $20 downloads, it seems Sony is making up for their 'free' online service by charging like a bastard for the content.

The PSP games should be no more than $4.99, and that's if they were truly amazing.

n4g sucks4269d ago

I also think $5.99 isnt quite right for a ps1 game that most people own but cant play because its old and scratched. IF you own the game you should get a price break or a 2 for 1 deal. $20 for tekken was well worth it though. the game is arcade perfect and runs at 1080p. they sold the same game with crappy graphics on psp for 39.99 so $20 was a steal.

Siesser4269d ago

I don't think $6 is too much for a PS1 game; I've paid more than that on eBay to get a copy of an old game from the past. I agree though that standardized pricing would be a good thing, but don't believe that Sudoku should cost the same as, say, Calling All Cars or anything; so individual princing makes sense.

And the $20 game is an actual, full Tekken game.

GameJunkieJim4269d ago

I've paid more on ebay for an NES game as well, but the difference is I'm getting a hard copy of that game, often with manual, box or more and certainly something of value that I can trade later if need be.

However, $6 for just the data seems somewhat high. Not excessively high, mind you. I can't say the prices aren't "fair", just that they're a bit higher than I would like to pay. Especially without the box and manual and disc.

n4g sucks4269d ago

a nice list for some one who is about to buy a ps3. i never really noticed my self but their is a lot of content on the psn. i have almost all the demo's, flow ,tekken, and a bunch of trailers and have already used over 20 gb of my hard drive space.i wonder how much space would be needed to down load all of this content ( our how long...zzzzzzz....) plus with virua fighter 5 taking 2.5 gb of my hard drive space and with all my other game data i'll be using up my 60 gigs in no time..i need 160gigs + ..

PSN Starfleets4269d ago

$6 is alot for a PS1 game. That would translate to around £11 in English can buy a 2nd hand PS2 game on that amount.

Antan4269d ago

Sorry, but 6 dollars is around 3 UK pounds.

techie4269d ago

The prices are not the same in the UK...translates to £11!? Where'd you get that from? I believe they are £4.99 and Tekken...a full game of which you will not find on xbox live, is £6.99 :)

PSN Starfleets4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Yea sorry about my conversion. And I dont think it's relevant to compare downloadable game prices between a £200 console against a £425 console.

If i had it my way, I'd want everything in the PS Store free :D

ALIEN4269d ago

I would pay 10 dollers for FF7.

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