Super Stardust HD announced

Finnish developer Housemarque has been creating games for over 12 years, developing titles such as The Reap, Stardust, and Transworld Snowboarding. Now they have announced their first current-gen project, which will be downloadable on PlayStation Store.

Super Stardust HD is not just the original Stardust game in high definition. Each level consists of a planet, which the player must pilot their spaceship around while destroying all hazards and enemies. As soon as you destroy all enemies, you complete the mission and move onto the next planet.

The spaceship has three different guns which all work differently. One is more powerful, yet leaves dangerous asteroid fragments hanging around. Another is less powerful, yet vaporizes asteroids so no remains are left. There are no current details on the last gun. Everything is upgradeable via power-ups that are scattered throughout each level.

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n4g sucks4271d ago

yawn...little late and this game is not exciting me or waking me up. i like shootum ups but i think id like a demo thank you vey much