New Shadowrun screenshots

FASA Studio and Microsoft Games have today released some new Xbox 360 screenshots for Shadowrun...

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ASSASSYN 36o4269d ago

Pics of me in Shadowrun from my perspective

Ps3Fanboy7774269d ago

Look at the ground what is that? lol....

I think its true, Gears of War will be the best that console ever has.

This game looks horrible, gimps PC mouse controls, overall garbage bin.

Another one of 360's great AAA exclusives.

ASSASSYN 36o4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Ignorance is definitely bliss for you. This is why they call it...A BETA TEST. It is not the finished product and should not be represented as such. And after the terrible display comparison of splinter cell on the ps3 I am not looking forward to seeing that system evolve beyond what has been shown.

snoop_dizzle4269d ago

Fortunately this wasn't one of the games i was hoping to be good.

Scrooge4268d ago

This game looks like a lot of fun. Good graphics or not, the gameplay looks solid.