Perfect Dark - XBLA vs N64 comparison images

Rare Extreme writes: "jotokun over at Gamefaqs posted these great comparison shots from Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. Really shows what a great job they are doing on the XBLA upgrade."

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FragMnTagM4605d ago

I can't wait to play this, I have been wanting this for a long time. It is hard to find an N64 these days. It is great to know in a few months I can play this on Live.

George Costanza4605d ago

If that forum poster is right about these being the original uncompressed/uncrappified textures that would be amazing!

Viatrophy4605d ago

It's looking pretty damn good!

Any one know when the release date is?

George Costanza4605d ago

Right now it's at Winter 2009.

I've honestly never been this excited for a XBLA game, this definitely qualifies as a heavy hitter if it delivers!

Elven64605d ago

George: Add me to the list, day 1 for me!

UnSelf4605d ago

greatest FPS of all time.

Hands down

TheIneffableBob4605d ago

You could always play Perfect Dark in an emulator.

It's pretty cool playing old games at HD resolutions.

STK0264605d ago

I can't wait for this game to come out. Hopefully they will allow for every multilayer modes to be playable online (I mean Co-op and counter-op).

Also, am I the only one who doesn't really like what they have done to the face of that guard? Her face almost scares me =/

dragunrising4605d ago

Its hard for me to look at the N64 screens...I feel like I took my glasses off. Glad to see the game looks a lot sharper albeit sterile.

phosphor1124605d ago

100% sure that those aren't the "uncompressed" textures. Not only are some textures different, but companies would not make textures over 4 times the resolution of what is supported on the hardware. That would mean more programming, more space to take up.

If you look at the gun textures. Those are really high res. You can see scratches, etc etc. While the 64 version is almost flat.

D4RkNIKON4605d ago

I can't believe they got an N64 game to look better than KZ2. Next Gen all the way. /sarcasm lol all fanboyishness aside, it does look really good. The fact that it plays online is also awesome. Great idea

4605d ago
FamilyGuy4605d ago

That's a pretty friggin sweet update! Why don't other, older games (classics) get released like this?

Dread4605d ago


a sony fanboy bringing kz2 in a perfect dark (nintendo 64 game) remake post.


Ausbo4605d ago

it looks great

I hope somehow that they can release goldeneye in the future.
F**k you nintendo

FragMnTagM4605d ago

If you read the article (forum post), scroll down and look at the emulator versus the updated xbox version, it is way superior. They definitely updated this game a bit.

TheIneffableBob4605d ago

I know, but the OP said that it's hard finding an N64 to play the game on.

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Elven64605d ago

Holy crap, this looks amazing!

First day buy for me, 4J Studios really knows how to do it, from Oblivion to Banjo their ports have always kicked ass!

George Costanza4605d ago

The guys at 4J are definitely talented, sucks how they are always stuck with porting jobs, not many people realize they are the ones doing them.

ShadesMoolah4605d ago

All those blind gamers that say some current gen games look like they have N64 graphics or words to that effect. Well this just proves that they are talking out of their asses.

Elven64605d ago

Those people must be insane! Perfect Dark is one of the if not the best N64 game and it had issues, most notably the framerate which was more a N64 thing then anything else.

Kamikaze1354605d ago

I was wondering....what's the deal with the "Complex" level from Goldeneye 007 on the N64 being in this game as well?

Elven64605d ago

Fan service I assume, the more popular Golden Eye maps were remade in the PD engine. This is about as close as we will get to Golden Eye and I'm fine with that!

STK0264605d ago

In my opinion, Complex was one of Goldeneye's best multiplayer map, if not the best one. As a matter of fact, when playing PD, I often chose Complex over most of the PD maps.

This is just my opinion, but I felt that many PD maps were rather boring to play in, so having Complex was great for me and my friends back in the days.

Max Power4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

in its original box. Bought it, opened it, played it for 15 minutes and put it back, perhaps I'll bust it out and see whats what. But Rare did a good job with the port.

Bathyj4605d ago

15 Minutes! Boy did you miss out. I have over 10K headshots in multiplayer for this game.

Time to dust the old XB off.

likedamaster4605d ago

"Time to dust the old XB off."

XB as in Xbox? Or XB as in Nintendo 64?

Bathyj4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

XB as in XB360 so I can get PD64 on it.

Sorry if that was too subtle.


ambientFLIER4605d ago

I have this game factory sealed still, as well as an open copy. You can find them sealed on ebay for 10 bucks including shipping. They made a ton of them.

Troll-Killer4605d ago

Yeah, dummy...don't you know XB is the universal nickname for the N64. Geez....EVERYBODY knows that. :o

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