Analyze This: Is There Anything Wrong with the Sony PSP?

They are the professional analysts whose job it is to research, keep track of, advise their clients, and opine to the media about the gaming business.

Analyze This cuts right to the chase: Rather than reporting on a subject, and throwing in quotes by analysts to support or refute a point, Gamasutra offers up a timely question pertaining to the business side of the video game industry and simply lets the analysts offer their thoughts directly to you. Each person's opinion is his own and will (probably) not necessarily agree with their fellow colleagues'.

The Sony PSP has been out for over two years, and has sold over 24 million units. Yet sentiment for it remains mixed: Gamers and developers appear to put up with it, but not clamor for it. And a recent rumor has it that one major retailer even threatened to stop selling it (if Sony didn't initiate a price cut, which is did this month). At best, it's been characterized as a mediocre success. asked David Cole of DFC Intelligence, Ed Barton of Screen Digest, and Mike Wolf of ABI Research:

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TheGoodMART4304d ago

If you had a kid would you buy him/ her a cheap DS or a fragile expensive PSP?

Neutral Gamer4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

I think that's (click on the Via link above) made an interesting summary of one of the interviewee responses:

"Mike Wolf from ABI Research thinks that anti-Sony fanboyism runs wild due to high expectations placed on Sony ... due to their ambitious claims. "I believe the device's perceived 'failure' by some is due to the device struggling to live up to Sony's own marketing of the product, much like what the PS3 is going through today."

I don't fully agree with that claim but I do think he has a very fair point.

Sphinx4304d ago

However, some people prefer certain games, and when most people do not have the need for two handhelds, then many people will be against the one they don't have.

TheGoodMART4304d ago

all he cares about is to play his games, and kids play what parents give them to play with. And parents go by the price..

Neutral Gamer4304d ago

I agree with you mate, everytime I'm on the train a lot of parents get out a DS to stop their children screaming and running about the place. For many parents Gameboys and the like are ways to "look after" their children for them and for a relatively cheap price it does the job!

On the other hand everytime I see someone with a PSP on the train it always seem to be a male 14-28 year old playing on it by themselves.

It's just different markets, that's all.

giovonni4304d ago

There aren't that many games that are original enough to make me go out and buy a psp. The porting from ps2 to psp is damn ridiculos. Take the first Grand theft auto on psp the story changed but the scenes were the same, and then they had the nerve to sell it for the same price as Grand theft 3. The psp has the potentioal to be big, but the lack luster games and so so controls are killing the psp.

WTF4304d ago


IPlayGames4304d ago

No i wouldnt buy a psp for anybody under 13 or 14. A DS on the other hand is for anybody thats why it sells more. The games are fine the $20 list and the new Metal Gear, Ratchet and Clank, and FF later this year its a matter of demographics

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