Fifa 08 Interview: What next-gen means for footy

The folks at ComputerAndvideogames interviewed Andrew Wilson, executive producer of football at EA, to find out what the next-gen can do for football games.

We might be coming to the end of the current football season, but EA and Konami are both busy preparing next season's football games that should be with us in time for the new season kicking off in August/September.

But what will they offer that we haven't seen before? To find out CVG grilled the man almost in charge of FIFA for EA, Andrew Wilson.

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GaMr-4274d ago

What about in-game commentary where you hear repetition after an hour or two? Can next-gen consoles change this?

Wilson: We ran out of space on the disc with current gen. Last year's FIFA had 26 leagues, 15 thousand players, kits, players, stadiums, audio and music, so you just run out of space. The next-gen discs have got more space so in the short term we will have much more commentary on our games.

kingboy4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Looks like we both share a common problem

I`m more of a pro evo fan but i prefere Fifa`s commentary more because it sounds more like a live broadcast match

CAPS LOCK4274d ago

i hate the repeated commentary, especially in FIFA games. i have played the new FIFA on 360 and it was pretty good and i liked the loading screen bit where you can control a player and shoot at a goal. but i prefer PES over FIFA anyday. i cant wait for PES 7 on ps3.

zonetrooper54274d ago

PES is better than FIFA, i used to love FIFA and buy it every year but then i played PES and its the greatest football game out there. FIFA is good but EA need to work alot harder to to get on the level that PES is at.

PSN Starfleets4274d ago

Konami need to start giving the visuals a bit of work cos it looks dire in comparison to FIFA.

Antan4274d ago

But Pro Evo has never been about the visuals........ "its in the game".

cuco334274d ago

PES is great but i hate the licensing problem. i want to play as CHELSEA in the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE, not EAST LONDON in ENGLAND LEAGUE
and fifa is a HUGE disappointment when compared to last gen. fifa 07 for ps2 had every team/player/league i wanted and was only $40, for 360 it lacked teams/players/leagues and cost $60... HUUUUUUGE letdown.. reason why i got it for ps2

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