Devin Hester: Maximum Speed

It's long been rumored, it's been hinted at, it's been lobbied for, and it's been perennially denied -- but now, an NFL player has finally achieved the near-impossible: meriting a perfect 100 in one of Madden NFL's proprietary skills ratings.

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donscrillinger4271d ago

just like there football game hes speed should be 95-97 never 100 only if they had won the big game. see e.a.'s always on that gimmick shyt come real e.a. ture sims .in the ture sim world ,no one's 100 .lets just hope when wack azz maddden 08 comes out i can play the game through with out the trash freezing ahh yeah lets hope we see refs on the field when the game is playing and ball makers and line of srimm and field goal nets ,an real jumbo tron just to name a few!!!!!!!!!

shotputking4271d ago

well, since the ratings in madden are based comparitively on other players, there should be a 100 for the fastest player(s). winning the big game shouldn't have anything to do with a kick returner's individual ratings.
my big problem is that hester isn't even the fastest player in the league. champ bailey and deangelo hall have both run sub-4.2 40 yard dashes, hester has not. hester ran a 4.51 (which he said was becuase of the wrong shoes... even so, if we knock a massive .2 seconds off due to shoes, he still doesn't match champ bailey's 4.28, and bailey has gotten faster.). oh well, he's the gimmicky guy at the moment, so nothing i can do about it.

PS360PCROCKS4271d ago

I agree with the Champ Bailey thing as I am from Colorado and have season tickets to the Broncos and I went to the playoff game against the Patriots two years ago and when he intercepted that pass and was running toward the north stands where I sit he was blazing down the sideline, he just took off like a bullet. But yea seeing him play 8 sundays a year he is definetly extremely fast.

SmokeyMcBear4271d ago

do you even watch football??? Did you see him play, return kicks??? Just because someone won a game doesn't mean he should be given a 100 rating. There is no one faster in the NFL, I mean no one, this guy is blazing up and down the field, if there ever was someone to get 100 speed, its this guy.

donscrillinger4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

1st off dante hall on the chiefs is faster than this guy he's the reason why nfl teams took an look at sp teams and changed what they do and how they kick off or punt so if he isn't 100 neither is the bears guy so save that bullshyt also like the other gamer said champ is faster also ,and they have never gave him an 100. E.A is just fake yo they make fake sports games {Arcady}.where are the pics of all pro football 2k8 so you can see an real sim football video game in action.

TylerDurden4271d ago

There were a lot of people who ran faster 40's at the combine but I guarantee there aren't a lot faster if any. They said he was the fastest player ever at UM,and that is no small feat. Last year as a rookie he broke the record for most KO returns for a TD. From watching game highlights the only person who compares is Deion during the late 80's early 90's.

Check it out yourself:

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