X-Play review NBA Street Homecourt

EA's showboating successor to Midway's NBA Jam series has finally moved onto greener pastures, or at least grittier concrete, for its rookie debut on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It's been two years since the last NBA Street game, and the time off has obviously been kind to the series. While a significant visual upgrade was expected, the pace, flow, and "feel" of the three-on-three action is the best the franchise has seen to date.

NBA Street Homecourt is cake without the frosting, or for those who hate cake, Baywatch without Pam Anderson. It is enjoyable, but at the same time, hard to fully appreciate when comparing it to the earlier versions. Homecourt's core gameplay is excellent on both sides of the ball, with the high-octane offense balanced by goaltending and shoving without reprieve on defense. The physics model has improved considerably, and the controls require a degree of technique instead of blindly mashing buttons. The lack of in-depth modes or customization features should be a warning sign for solo players, but as a party game, this Street's appealing arcade-style action opens up new avenues for fun.


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Neutral Gamer4274d ago

I loved the NBA Street game on the Xbox, playing 4 player multiplayer was so enjoyable that me and my friends actually went out and started playing proper basketball at our local sports ground.

Along with Halo 2 and Buzz, probably the best console multiplayer experience. Looking forward to the new generation versions.