Umbrella Chronicles Teaser Vid

Kokatu notices that Capcom Japan has a teaser trailer posted on their site for The Umbrella Chronicles, featuring several characters both familiar to me and unfamiliar, running through what looks to be a subdued version of House of the Dead.

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Odiah4265d ago

Sexy, I get to play as Jill Valentine. Looks great though, the wii was simply built for light gun style games.

ITR4265d ago

A teaser and the game is only 25% complete!
So I bet it's going to look bad ass once it's finished.

neogeo4265d ago

I will pick up a Wii for sure just for this game

PS360WII4265d ago

Perfect fit for the Remote! House of the Dead flavor mixed in with the Resident Evil franchise. This will be a fun title for sure

FiveShot Bandit4265d ago

I'm very excited for this game. I couldn't be happier that this game is "on rails" because so far all FPS games on Wii have pretty iffy controls, but this game looks amazing.

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