Sony Cuts E3 Footage For The Kiddies

Mike Hartnett at writes: "In a rather odd move, Sony has gone ahead and significantly cut down the final part of their E3 press conference which is currently available in the PS Store."

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WildArmed3446d ago

not a big deal.
Atleast Sony showed respect for the whole audience of the PS family.
Not everyone who is interested in E3 is a M-rate gamer.
Some are just there for games like Rachet/Modnation.

Jockamo3446d ago

it says nothing about family or children. it just says it cut some footage, including some of which had some gore.

besides would the reasoning really be that the Sony Corp "cares about the family?" or would the more logical reasoning be that they are trying to avoid a lawsuit?

NJShadow3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

True, not that big of a deal, however if you read the story in it's entirety, because of the edit the audio for the remainder of the video is out of sync BIG TIME.

adolson3446d ago

Two years in a row, Sony screws up their E3 conference footage. Last year, Part 2 or Part 3, I forget, was zoomed in really close, I think it was cutting off people's heads and stuff. That, at least, was accidental (I think). This, clearly, was not.


I noticed that too, I saw that video from the news I posted here:
First , I thought the video had framerate issues,or my video tool is broken, after that I remarked that it was cut down, I was so pissed off!
And sony, try to be not so stupid, deleting such awesomeness from the video with best quality ever is ruining GOW3! protecting the kiddies is not a good pretext, all the kiddies in my family saw the boobs, the guts, the head ripping and were only smiling not TERRIFIED!

NJShadow3446d ago

That's funny, because with the footage broadcasting LIVE on G4, the rest of America saw it as well! XD

WildArmed3446d ago

Jock w/e the intentions, it matters that they did it.
Stop being a whiny b!tch n get on with ur life.
I read the article, so stfu?

40cal3446d ago

And made me all kinds of mad in the process. I was all pumped to show it to some friends that missed it live, oh, wait? wtf? edited.

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ToastyMcNibbles3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

yes i was very upset with this and was forced to download a low quality vid of the demo through gamespot's website lol and i do hope that sony puts the full unedited version on psn soon so i can watch it in all its hd gory...get it? glory? gory? no? okay

PLASTICA-MAN3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

double post, I hope in near future, they won't delete such amazing parts!

Whoooop3446d ago


They censored quite a few scenes. I wanted to see the whole showing on my TV, but I don't mind.

I understand.

MGOelite3446d ago

are they talking about the head rip thing?

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