College News June 2009 video game buyer's guide

As any poor, struggling college student knows, video games are a lot of fun. Unfortunately, with games retailing at an average of around $60 a pop, they also make for one incredibly expensive hobby. In other words, there's simply too much at stake to blindly plop your cash down on for a mediocre game that might last you ten hours at most.

Fortunately, College News is here to give you the lowdown on what video games this month you should avoid like the plague, and which games are worth eating instant noodles for a week for.

As always, ever since someone stole our magical, crystal ball of precognition, all of our recommendations are purely speculative. Check back around the game's release date for our full review.

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WildArmed3875d ago

that there's only been one review of prototype.
I was planning to pick it up day 1, bcoz reviews usually come out b4 hand.
But i'll cancel my preorder n wait for the reviews.
why the hell arent the reviews out yet!?

tehk1w13875d ago

Yeah i'm a little nervous too. It's kinda wierd.

Chapulin3875d ago

Reviews are supposed to be before game release. Still waiting hope it doesn't suck.

Turbo Teddy3875d ago

There are posted a couple of impressions on the official prototype forum and 12 gameplay videos on youtube of a guy who pirated the game.. Its look really good, but none of them saids anything about the long lasting appeal :/