IGN: Academy of Champions Hands-On

- Watching Ubisoft's painful, painful E3 press conference last Monday, the biggest laugh wasn't anything that came out of Joel McHale's mouth. To be fair, the whole thing was a total mess long before Pele took the stage and stalled F-O-R-E-V-E-R while technical difficulties delayed the trailer for his new soccer game, Academy of Champions. And after all that waiting... well, that trailer was just a fat, easy, Harry Potter-ripping target. Right around the time paintings came to life in the winding castle halls, IGN started wondering when Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling would file their Cease-and-Desists.

But if you can get past that blatant, borderline-insulting copycat of a setting, it's a mostly-harmless game that's no threat whatsoever to FIFA. Or Mario Strikers. Or any other soccer game, really. This one's made for kids, period. The ones that still want to attend Hogwarts.

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