Damnation Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: Damnation is the type of game that disappoints more than others. The promise of a steampunk rebellion, with vertical-centric gunplay and platforming is something we don't see too often in gaming. I admit I was very excited to get my hands on the title; the art style and promise of true platforming in a shooter were enough to pique my interest. Sadly Damnation falls short on most of its promises, leaving you with a mediocre experience that simply cannot stand up next to the top-tier games of 2009 so far. Truly I wanted to love the game, and I stuck with it long enough to really appreciate what it was attempting to accomplish, which makes it all the more disappointing when it falls flat on its face; time and time again.

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HQLocated1113874d ago

I feel bad for whoever bought this game.

Megaton3874d ago

I feel bad for whoever made this game.

A big flop on a pricey HD console title can potentially send your company spiraling into bankruptcy.

dragunrising3874d ago

I remember watching the feature presentation on Qore and thinking the game wasn't going to be that good. Sometimes you just know...weird. I feel bad for the reviewers; they had to play the stinker. Where does a game go so wrong? I'm guessing we won't ever get a demo...

talltony3874d ago

i knew it! one less game to play because their is enough already!

Syronicus3874d ago

Just looking at the previews of this game made me realize how bad it was going to be. It just wa nothing special and looked like a bad attempt at polishing a turd.

Godmars2903874d ago

One less game because the devs didn't polish it enough. Despite putting in tons of work.

Syronicus3874d ago

Hopefully they have learned that a ton of turd polishing gains you nothing more than a turd...

DaPS3Duke3874d ago

for games that are AA and not AAA.

sarshelyam3874d ago

...which is probably why I was all the more let down by the experience. If you just close your eyes and imagine what the team is doing, just listen to their words, it's painfully evident that it becomes a case of "Sounds better on paper than..."

Quite depressing really. The characters are unresponsive and clunky, the combat mechanic feels a bit to forced, and for all intents and purposes it's trying incredibly hard to be a Gears of War Clone, but the folks went the opposite direction trying to change it too much. If it played exactly like Gears I might not have much of a complaint. No, not everything SHOULD play like Gears but you can see from the Cover System, the Aid System on your partners when downed, pretty much everything screams Gears but they didn't follow the guidelines to the T! Oh well.