Sony's Plans for PSN "Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) have announced that they will be making many improvements to the PlayStation Network Store."

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rogimusprime3876d ago

standardizing the releases for PS one games across all territories. Why are we still waiting on Resident Evil 2 when the japanese PS store has had it for nearly 2 years?

Why is it taking so long to bring out decent releases for the PS one games? Lawyers? Money? What's the deal?

They can also stand to learn a thing or two from the XBL party system.

Christopher3876d ago

You got it right. Lawyers and Money.

SmokingMonkey3876d ago

and it's only thanks to the PSPGO that we've seen so many PS1/PSN games lately.

They should be able to release 1 or 2 a week. 4-5 a month should be possible.

yippie1234y3875d ago

in-game private chat please

MAR-TYR-DOM3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

by giving us Canadians our video store and PSN pre paid cards. (and for the dumbass who kept saying they were coming in late MAY and early june well... its early june already and they arent here, EBGAMES says they have no idea what happened and gave my deposit back)

GameGambits3875d ago

I don't need PS1 games as much as I need cross game voice chat. Why in God's name is it taking so long? Are they seriously oblivious to the fact we NEED it not WANT it? The second it is put into the online is the second Xbox Live and PSN are toe to toe with each other.

Also bring over Xenogears and Chrono Cross. :)

f7897903875d ago

Just get custom firmware and convert your psx collection yourself. You get the games you want and don't have to pay anything, unless of course you have to buy the psx games again.

Gamertags3875d ago

Is almost there with Live. All Sony needs to do is add some basic, core features and the PS3 will be complete. It is important to remember folks that the PSN and Live are two very different systems. They operate differently and especially with the PSN it has gone from rages to wealthy...not rich yet.

Aaae3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

I'm sorry, but no. PSN is no where near XBL right now. They need a lot of improvements. It's kinda pissing me off. I really want to see Last.FM, SKY TV, Netflix, Streaming, Private chat, Party chat, better retail games, etc.

themyk3875d ago

'm sorry, but no. PSN is no where near XBL right now. They need a lot of improvements. It's kinda pissing me off. I really want to see Last.FM, SKY TV, Netflix, Streaming, Private chat, Party chat, better retail games, etc.

i'm sorry but can you name all these features that psn misses to make it "no where near xbl"

i think you can get through the browser maybe not.

pandora is awesome and it works fine through the browser.

i don't know what sky tv is.

netflix: i think ms has a contract with. but i just hook my laptop to my tv via hdmi and stream away.

private chat, party chat, COULDN'T AGREE MORE.

better retail games. thats the one that gets me. psn kills xbla when it comes to games IMHO. burnout, warhawk, soccom, and gt5p. i mean come on that right there.

ruiner44823875d ago

I hate to break it to you buddy but being wealthy > rich.

Remember Mike Tyson that foo was rich. He pissed it away on tigers, hookers, and facial tattoos.

Wealthy people, their money doesn't go anywhere but it does get much larger.

Pandemic3875d ago



Avast! just warned me that the link above has a trojan..


Syronicus3875d ago

Sorry, but I have to disagree with that statement. What the PSN lacks in terms of equality to XBL, it makes up for in both price and other features.

For starters, the PSN allows me to play games online. That is the core reason for the PSN. Live does the same, only Live costs 50 bucks a year. You can talk all you want about the extra features but for some of us, we just want to game online and could care less about chatting with our buddies who are currently playing a different game.

Now, cross game invites, I can say that is the one thing I would like to see Sony put into the PSN but if for some odd reason it meant that Sony would have to start charging for the PSN... Then I will take my free service that allows me to do the one thing I want it to do... Play games online.

XBL is a great service but due to the annual fee... It gets nocked down a couple notches for me. When I buy a game for the PS3, it comes with online for free. When I buy a game on the 360, it only comes with online if I am part of the "Gold Club"...

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CSM-101e3876d ago

That wasn't a story; that was the sound of a tumble-weed blowin through a ghost town. No source, no news

San Frandisco3875d ago

i want MORE FEATURES damnit!

interrergator3875d ago

i want my goddamn private chat and ingame inv

themyk3875d ago

cross game/private chat. and invites. thats it. thats all i ask for. party would be nice but i can wait for that. i mean i'm perfectly fine with it right now. i mean i was here before ingame xmb man. html ps store.

what eva. i'm sure their working on it. just keep giving me amazing games and i'll forget about these minor glitches.

Rainstorm813875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

work on full backward compatability for all maybe through an emulator or something and ps2 game downloads would make everyones head explode.

Then they can phase out the ps2 10yrs is almost here let it go.

making the ps3 the playstation home console console to own not just an expensive upgrade to those who buy PS2s.

FamilyGuy3875d ago

But they would probably charge for the emulator itself as something like that would take a lot of effort and time and since time is money...

then again, selling ps2 downloads would ease the cost of making the developing the emulator.

Fishy Fingers3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

It's highly likely that Sony produce the majority of their profits from the PS2. I dont see them forging any plans to phase it out anytime soon. I believe even at their E3 press conference they stated they would continue to push past the 10 year life span while they is still support.

Remember not every region has the disposable income to spend on the PS3, south america, india, africa etc.

I imagine the idea is to rope in PS2 customers now, that may then step up to the PS3 when it's available at a lower price point.

Lets be honest, the PS3 could easily handle PS2 emulation, they must have reasons to why they're not doing it.

Rifle-Man3875d ago

Yes! All I want is to be able to play Shadow of the Colossus on my PS3.

Rainstorm813875d ago

they should keep selling the ps2 but stop supporting it. no more title developed for ps2 its time to focus on PS3 and PSP only. and they couldn't charge for the emulator it should be in a system update that way every one could bring their ps2 library over.

It doesn't really affect me cause when i bought my PS3 i made sure I got one that is Backward compatible.

But i have friends and family members with PS3 that have never played the GoW series. I have both but cant let them use it as they has gotten rid of their PS2s.

It just seems like a good strategy to propel PSN and the PS3 simultaneously

blind-reaper3875d ago

@5.2 Fishy

Sony caring about "development countries"? do you know the price of the PS2 here in Mexico? $230 USD ($130 USD > US price) PSP? $260 ($110 > US price), a PS3? $580 ($180 > US price)

Sony Mexico sucks... we have PSN cards though.

themyk3875d ago

20gig ps3(aka darthvader) who hoo

caliman873875d ago

You are better off getting a ps2 to play your old games. For those who do not have them, digital downloads from PSN may be the way to go with some updating for better visual quality.

It is like putting Ford Pinto tires on a Ford Mustang GT and expect it to drive good. Not gonna happen.

The thing I really like is that some of these PSN games I can play on my PS3 and PSP...pretty sweet. FFVii

Disccordia3875d ago

The emulator you speak of doesn't need that much developing because it already exists. The EU models used it instead of hardware emulation that NTSC territories had.

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