Pachter: No New Xbox for 5 years.

Examiner writes - 'Michael Pachter, a research analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities appeared as a special guest on last weeks episode of the Bonus Round, a gaming round-table talkshow on hosted by Geoff Keighley.
In the final segment of the post-E3 special episode which aired on Sunday, Pachter predicted that Microsoft would not release an "Xbox 720" (a nickname for the next Xbox) for at least five years.'

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sak5003886d ago

So we can expect one in 2 years. Damn this guy just doesn't give up. He's probably been more wrong than the IRaqi information minister.

CaseyRyback_CPO3886d ago

I mean, what job task does he have that he executes well? His #1 task is to analyze the market, and hes never right.

If I can get 200-300k without working with a finance degree, then G.dit, im going back to school.

Its like imagine if you had this failure rate at any job? "hi can you make 2 copies?" you bring back a rubber duck.

"hello, we need these cgi monsters made by june" you ship them august, 10 years later...

I mean the man just.. god.. my brain. I give up.

irish-leprecaun3886d ago

that i gave him. it does the job!

JsonHenry3886d ago

He is like the weather man. He can be wrong all the damn time and still make more money than me. If I was wrong even 2-3% of the time he is wrong I would have been fired a LONG time ago.

theKiller3886d ago

damn, he is as wrong as the CIA on the iraqi weapons of mass destruction and al-qaida link to saddam!!!

xabmol3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

LOL Good One!!

Yer bubs are a bit low... +1 for the Zinger!

Kaneda3886d ago

They said at E3.. 360 will last 10 years, so no new xbox til 2015..

Mu5afir3886d ago

It's not bad enough you f$%Ked up the economy.. now ur aiming for the gaming industry.

40cal3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I could have sworn that when the 360 came out and Microsoft killed off the first X-box they said that a shorter lifespan was the way the industry was going or going to go. I remember having quite a few conversations with the Microsoft faithful on this site about this over the past two years. You know that "7-10 years is to long bring on the next X-Box" crap.

So lets just add this to the list, Console life cycles, HDMI, bigger storage mediums (DVD vs Blu-Ray), HDD on every console, HD DVD (RIP), and a few other things that Microsoft's gaming division has been dead wrong about this gen.

The faulty hardware I bought made me all kinds of non accepting of the platform, but this growing list just lets me know that there full of s#!7.

BRG90003886d ago

This one wasn't that hard a prediction to make. Microsoft said at E3 that they are aiming to keep the 360 going until 2015.

TheAntiFanboy3885d ago

It's Xbox, damn it! Not X-box, not XBox, Xbox!

Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. I'm an obsessive-compulsive gremmar nazie. RAWR!

xabmol3885d ago

No. It's XboX, n00b. xP

psycho3603885d ago


" I'm an obsessive-compulsive gremmar nazie"

How about spelling? gremmar = grammer :D

sak5003885d ago


Cheers mate. Bubbles right back at ya..

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killa916063886d ago

This coud happen,but really,its microsoft

They kill for money

Statix3885d ago

You might be right about Microsoft killing for money, but the Xbox 360 is decently profitable for them (at the moment). Therefore, they're not in the rush to move on to the next line of hardware, unlike they were in the last generation. It's the same reason Sony was and still is in no hurry to completely move on from the massively successful PS2.

I'll tell you whom this is good news to, if Pachter is even half-right in his prediction (which is a big "if"), is Sony. The last thing Sony wants is for Microsoft to release a new console a year or two after theirs again, and have the head start that they did, forcing Sony to rush to market with new hardware themselves prematurely. If we see a new Xbox 720 in 2012 or beyond (although I'm predicting 2011 myself), that gives Sony ample time to develop, hype up, and release their PS4 at around the same time or shortly thereafter, and not have to grant Microsoft that 1-year advantage again.

We'll see how this all pans out. Strategically for the next generation, it might be in Microsoft's interests to release a new console earlier than 2012, but gamers might not be clamoring for new hardware before then.

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Sonyslave33886d ago

so ps3rd is going to be in 3rd place for 5 more years. lol

Nelson M3886d ago

It means your gonna have No Games or AAA Exclusive's for a Very long time
Your gonna be stuck playing Halo and Banjo KaFlopie and Alan Flop and Second rate Multiplatforms
And Throw a RRoD in Ten more times in the next few years
And the Future dont look so Bright now does it
Thy Silly little BoT

saimcheeda3886d ago

no chance!!360 barely manages to outsell ps3 when the price diff is so huge!better for M$ to just pull out!

Gorgon3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

"...for at LEAST five years".

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh Patcher, what should we do with you. I should have your job, I'd be cheaper and right more times.

"...close to the ten-year plan that their rival Sony boasted for the Playstation 3."

I still find it amusing that some people haven't grasped the concept yet that a console life-cycle doesn't coincide with the launch of a new console.

badz1493885d ago

he's getting annoying by the days with every word he says! he's an analyst, alright but he's doing nothing but taking words from other people's mouth and spew it back to the public as his analysis! analysis MY A$$! seriously Pachter, STFU for it's the best way for the gaming community!

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