Gizmodo:iPhone 3GS Complete Feature Guide

As expected, the new Apple iPhone 3G 2009 is out. Here you will find all the information you want, updated from our live WWDC 2009 coverage constantly and in real time.

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Sibs3416d ago

Nothing really new to see here. Move along.

I was sort of looking forward to see how Apple would combat its newest competitors, like the Pre, but they didn't really do much. A "Meh" update at most.

Kaneda3416d ago

Pre what? quick video editing on mobile device..Pre is dead!

50CALheadshot3416d ago

i could get this phone, or just get the much better spec'd samsung i8910(720p recording, 8mpixel,amoled screen).

decisions decisions.

apple dropped the ball on the screen and the camera resolution. also no mention of a microsd card slot .

The cpu power increase is a definite welcome, as some apps are quite slow to open on the current gens.

Surviver3416d ago

He made nooo sense.

Started with two models at reasonable price points then he made up three models and increased the price by 100 dollars?

Blasphemy3416d ago

Ridiculous upgrade charges. You would think it would be cheaper to upgrade.

50CALheadshot3416d ago

i wonder what rap would be today, had big pun, 2pac,big, and big l not died