Does The Saboteur stand a chance? - Kikizo preview

Pandemic's Tom French takes Kikizo for a stroll through EA's latest sandbox action game, discussing the difficulty of implementing stealth in an open world, key differences between The Saboteur and the Mercenaries games, and how the team went about assembling a virtual Paris.

Here's a snippet: "It's difficult to say whether The Saboteur's territorial colour chemistry, roughneck hero and flights of historical fancy will spur it ahead of the formidable competition. But the game's smoky, stylised continental opulence is alluring, and if nothing else all the fundamentals of a solid non-linear run-and-gunner seem to be there. EA has yet to make a real dent, score-wise at least, on sandbox action gaming: for all its ostensible over-familiarity, this could be the company's best shot at the genre this generation."

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