E309: Gamespot's Big Three Breakdown-E3 Winner

Gamespot: Now that the big three have spoken its time to break them down and see who comes out in top.

" Microsoft was clear winner with exclusives like Alan Wake,Crackdown 2,Forza 3,Shadow Complex and Splinter Cell: Conviction Microsoft was already in good shape but the thing that really sold us was project Natal"

Overall Winner: Microsoft

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kapedkrusader3876d ago

...except by Eyepet one year earlier. FAIL!!!

edgeofblade3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Just like Eye of Judgement changed the way we all play, not just high school, card game outcasts?

And why would you bring up eyepet? Do you honestly want to compare eyepet and Natal? Hey, it's your funeral...

NMC20073876d ago

Eyepet is out?! I can't find it online or in stores, hm.
Oh you're talking about that announcement trailer last year huh?
Well hell, if that is indeed the case where the HELL is Eyedentify from 2005?

3876d ago
Anon19743876d ago

Was the Eyepet demo faked too?

JokesOnYou3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Gamespot is officially back on the sdf black list. lol but seriously do we need anymore of these "who won" articles? Its clear most well known sites that aren't blogs written and posted by n4g members were more impressed with micro show.

I think the reason sony extremists are so pissed because judging by many of the usual suspects Jan-May 09 claims they expected sony to easily outdo micro at this years E3 because they incorrectly believed micro's silence about upcoming games meant "360 has no games" except for the previously announced ODST, well now 360 lineup is stellar and most of what is hyped for sony is still in the form of announcements, its OK thats just how sony rolls. No need for "I told you so" responses, Just give 'em a break. lol


3876d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3876d ago

ohhhh... you are so right! bubbles for you. Now I'm going to go play KZ2 after it patches and then try out Prince of Persia for my 360!!! ;)

Wii still gets no love from me, it is as if it is the unloved child right now.

finbars753876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I havnt figure out why some of these reviewrs would even consider giving MS the win??? First off there project natal was smoke and mirrors.You actually have to show more then some videos of what this thing does which they really didnt do and what little bit they showed there was lag.Are you f$$cking kidding with me.The milo doesnt even work.Watch the video of the gentelman who made it and talks about it and watch how the boy responds to what she says and the movements the lady makes that werent even lined up properly.This is ridiculious.You Fanboys should be ashamed of yourselfs actually backing this crap up.The games they introduced werent even close to subpar.Alan Wake????Have you not played alone in the dark yet? what a rip off and it doesnt even look as good as there saying after 1 1/2 years.And please dont go on about MGS Rising which isnt even following the true mgs story another bite in the ass for MS and another bonus for sony pspgo with MGS peacewalker the true MGS franchise.Im tired of dealing with sloppy seconds from MS.Where was cliff????No gears 3 ouch that hurt.I have a xbox360 and im looking forward to Splinter Cell which plays very smooth and looks great but no game of the year.Halo odst plzzzzz been there done that and squeezed what was left out of that 4 years ago.I have to say MS show was well put together but to me it wasnt about the games and new crap ther putting out it was about how much money they wasted paying all these big names to come out and introduce multiplatform games, good job, shows how MS is getting more desperate to sell things that arent exclusive.They should of spent the money to get project natal working at 100% and show us the true motion capture sensor in show not on video.I feel like breaking my xbox360 in bits after all the bloody crap i saw and how these desperate reviewers giving us an opinion on soemthing that wasnt even there live.blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Son ys show wasnt well put together but my god at least they had exclusives that looked good and there dildo motion controller was there live and looked dam good no matter how much those two monkey representing it looked.We all know that both MS and Sony have taken alot away from the wii and have made some good use from it by making it there own in there way.I must say nintendo hasnt been delivering of late.So in finishing the future of gamming is looking up and theres lots more in store for next years big show.I give Sony the win by a smiggen due to its new exclusives and in gameplay of EVERYTHING.

SoulBrotha32923876d ago

Ms winning E3 again and again..Sony fanboys are whining...also E3 is also just not bout exclusives lol You might have MORE exclusives, but it doesnt mean sony is better..MS made mouths drop and alot of ooo and ahhs..Its okay 2010 is the year of sony right??? LMAO

kevnb3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Microsoft showed off a fine lineup of games, dont act like they didnt (typical sony fanboy making stuff up). If you think sonys games looked better, good for you.

Cenobia3876d ago

Not trying to troll or anything, but what games were announced for the 360 that are even going to make it before 2010? Natal sounds great and all, but if it even manages to make it this year what kind of games can you expect from it?

Most of the defensive people here were saying "wait til E3" when confronted with the 360s lackluster 09 line up. Now that a camera and multiplatform announcement have been made suddenly the 360 is back on top again. Where are the exclusives?

I realize I'm biased because all I really cared about was 'The Last Guardian', but I just don't see how MS is always perceived as the "winner" when they barely ever announce real exclusive games.

Nathan1233876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Boy if Apple joins the Gaming industry and shows up at E3, it will steal the show always cause it can market 10 times better than M$ and a 100 times better than Sony... Geez. Wooing crowd=Win for most people. Sorry not for me.

M$ won in the hardware department and Sony won in the Software department. Disagree, but Sony did show more games and better exclusives. It just didn't have the Omph factor that M$ had (Speilberg and Beetles).

I must say M$ did a great thing marketing Natal. Ya, normal people don't understand the difference between real time and video shot. People still think Milo will have a super computer AI... sigh.

Ya so cheers 360 fanboys. The thing that you boycotted and cursed for so long (Motion Gaming) has finally earned the distinguishing property at E3. Get Natal out of the equation (ya ditching the Sony controllers as well) and the balance just weighs in Sonys favor due to the software.

E3 has always been about games...At least for me. I won't even buy the Sony controllers when they come out, but whats ironic is the fact that before E3 all fanboys (PS3 included) boycotted the motion gaming aspect and suddenly, if the thing adds brownie points to the 360's E3 win or loss, then why not hype it to be the biggest thing....Pretty lame

kevnb3876d ago

and failed, I doubt they will try again anytime soon. Heck they cant even compete with windows at all in the gaming side of things.

CaseyRyback_CPO3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

{1. Xbox360 fanboy argument: "Buh buh E3 only matters when it comes to NEW annoucnements sony fanboys already knew about Heavy Rain, Uncharted, MAG"

Contradictory reaction:

Alan Wake, Halo:OSD, Halo:Reach, Forza3, Splinter Cell. All known about and leaked before E3.


{2. Xbox360 fanboy argument from the history of N4g: "LOL Motion controls = GIMMICK. The wii is garbage, and 6axis is useless, eyepet is stupid too, who cares about sketching stuff and having something scan it in? to do what.. watch movies? bwuhauhahaaaa"
2b. Subargument: "Lol using CGI to promote KZ2 as real! hahahaaaa"

Contradictory recation:

Natal, 1 game hitting balls. Hitting water, (like in Aquatopia PSN/PSEye game). Using motion controls period is now apparently the hottest thing in gaming now that Microsoft is showing off what Eyepets trailer does, watching cgi commercials and tech demos that were pawned off as real.


{3. Xbox360 Fanboy argument: "LOL @ MGS4, who on EARTH wants to watch a 90 hour movie made by Kojima? We have SPLINTER CELL! Which is a much better franchise. In fact, its the best stealth game ever created. If I wanted to watch a movie, I'd go to the theater."

Contradictory Reaction:

(Multiplatform Metal Gear Rising) First: "Yes take that you stupid ____ you said it would be impossible to run MGS4 on.. wait.. Kojima isn't directing it? and neither is the MGS4 team..?"


{4. Xbox360 Fanboy argument, you can say this one with me class...: "I BOUGHT A CONSOLE TO PLAY GAMES, NOT WATCH MOVIES!!!! HAHAHA BLUCRAP HDVD IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!!"

Contradictory Reaction:

Instant 1080p movies(which no one has been able to do with modern technology, but M$ is claiming they are going to do it without any compression), yessss! Netflix, YES!!!!!, Renting movies with no option to buy them, YES!!!!!, Hulu, Yess!!!!! Facebook, YESSS!!!!! Literally watching movies with avatars(see LOL @ home and why I'd ever want a digital avatar on a game console, such a stupid concept) Yes!!!!


// And there you have it. Microsofts heart stopping E3. With the least game content they've ever had. Underwhelming footage of Alan Wake and SPlintercell: Which is why all stories are frozen and more people still care about MGS:Rising than them, they didn't pwn Killzone2 or Uncharted when it came to visuals, or even Infamous.

Its sad that the state of gaming is still biased against Sony. Its sad that 360 fans now with no new game lineup, are hoping that Motion controls will justify their purchase of a bug laden unique softwareless system. Its sad that the state of gaming has sony announcing Rockstar's new exclusive game, and yet.. it still doesn't matter because Sony "lied". Its sad that a Playstation device will be the home to Kojimas true MEtal Gear sequel, and that it doesn't matter again because Sony lied. Resident evil, one of the biggest multiplatform most buzzed about releases ever, but no one cares now that its just sony. These things and much more were all announced at E3, if you're a gamer and you are pretending M$ had more "gaming" to show off at e3, you're a total moron. I'm sorry. M$ wins a game show with pre-rendered videos of motion technology, and an already announced MULTIPLATFORM lineup?

and oh yeah the big "show stealer" of last year was a multiplatform Final Fantasy Game... and Sony just announced FF14/MMO and the crowd goes silent? As if FFonline wasn't huge before WoW..

Sony dropped Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Rockstar exclusives. Actual Working Game Applicable fps/tps motion technology, on TOP of what we already knew about the PS3 with Uncharted, Heavy Rain, MAG, ModoCars, GOW3. Yet motion controls and less games is what gamers want? And oh yeah Lost Planet 2?

are you kidding me?

FrankenLife3876d ago

Gamespot, you sir are a whore. You ought to call the bug man because your crotch is a hive.

ultimolu3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Examples of how 360 fanboys attacked PS3 fans: The PS3 has no games, it's a bluray player, Sony will forever remain in 3rd, Sony doomed the PS3, the PS3 is the delaystation, waitstation, PS3 fans bought a $600.00 bluray player, Killzone 2 sucks, Resistance 2 sucks, Little Big Planet didn't sell five million at launch, Killzone 2 didn't sell five million at launch...

Should I go on?

The way you talk about PS3're making 360 fanboys look like saints when they did the exact same thing.

Guess what? Who won E3 is a matter of opinion. What matters are the games.

This is getting out of hand now.

Keep slamming those disagrees.


That's what kills you.

All Time Greatness3876d ago

All I know is I'm more than happy to have Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Halo ODST, Left 4 Dead 2, Forza 3, Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Magna Carta 2, Shadow Complex, Crackdown 2, Halo: Reach, 1080p instant streaming without any buffering, 1 vs. 100, 2 Modern Warfare Exclusive map packs while everyone else version of a big majority of multiplatform titles and new material to Xbox Live party system.

I wouldn't doubt Micro holding back announcements for games like Gears of War 3 and much more for next year also. Gonna be an awesome 2009/2010 for gamers. :D

pippoppow3876d ago

PC has the best version. Multiplats are a give and take difference between the PS3 and 360. As always, until this gen according to 360 diehards EXCLUSIVE TITLES define a system. Every gen consoles would have their must have exclusive titles that can only be played on that system but now MS would have people think it's not important anymore. Wonder why. PS3 has the most exclusive games and those games are much more varied compared to the competitions and can only be played on the PS3 and nowhere else. Exclusive games are where it's at and the PS3 delivers the most. Features are nice but pale in importance compared to the games, especially exclusive games.

user39158003876d ago

Get over it, they lost and thats another blow to all of the wait until e3 comes up MS dont have any games. End result Ms beat everybody straight out of the gates and the sony followers have no choice, but to place individuals remarks as to why my barbeque grill its better. Just stay off and bow your heads MS won and thats a fact.

Sarcasm3876d ago

Wow Casey pretty much put it spot on. And they call PS3 fanboys extremists? God I wish some of these people who look at "Sony Fanboys" today take a look back in 2006-2007 on the kind of crap 360 fans were putting out.

They downplayed EVERYTHING sony puts out. But once it arrives on their system, all of a sudden it's relevant and "better."

The popular ones were "PS3 has no games, 360 graphics are better, PS3 is a $600 blu-ray player, PSN sucks." And for some reason, it's STILL going on today.

FamilyGuy3876d ago

I can't disagree with that, as a gamer you SHOULD be happy with that line up of games

But my list is still bigger:

Feature wise:
"1080p instant streaming without any buffering,"
Blu-ray, check
How much is this service going to cost BTW?

1 vs. 100, 2 Modern Warfare Exclusive map packs while everyone else waits
Map packs, something you'll get to PAY FOR first. Lucky you, we can play our other FULL games being released while you hold out for you DLC

" version of a big majority of multiplatform titles and new material to Xbox Live party system."
Arguable, the 360 versions have texture pop-in issues and screen tearing against the jaggies/AA problems?

3876d ago
thesummerofgeorge3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I wouldn't go to Gamespot.... Obviously they're niether right nor wrong, it's an opinion piece, but regardless, I can't be sure if it's an honest opinion or not, because we all know the sites that have a favorite console for whatever reason, legit or not, and I think most would agree Gamespot generally favors Microsoft. But hell there's a "Sony won", and a "Nintendo won" article below this one if this one doesn't tell you what you wanna hear.

I won't comment on who "won" or which out did which, but I will give my honest opinion, which is that I'm more excited about the games coming out for the PS3, and I never mind waiting, as long as in the end I have what I consider to be the best experience, what I enjoy most. The Last Guardian and God of War 3 alone would have made up my mind, but from Heavy Rain, to Uncharted 2, to Gran Turismo 5, my mouth was watering so to speak... and the list goes on. Not to say Microsoft didn't peak my interest, I'm super jealous I won't be able to play Mass Effect 2 among other things, but I usually base my decision heavily on exclusives, as I believe they're what truly shows off what each individual machine does best, and I'm just more excited for Sony's exclusives.

As for Natal and Sonys motion wands, assuming Natal works as described, although one could argue it's more innovative and exciting, it's just not my cup of tea, I like playing with a controller, as my favorite games would work best FOR ME with a controller of sorts. I thought Sony's motion wands, while not a new idea, but an idea improved upon, looked more practical for my purposes, I picture it having more use for a broader range of games, like a lightsaber battle, or a fps. This doesn't mean I think one's better than the other, they're just different, and I'm not a big fan of using your body in front of a camera to control, that's why I never cared for the playstation eye, or eyetoy. And while I think the vocal tone recognition tech is really cool, I don't think it's mutually exclusive with the camera, I think it Milo as well as other apps could use the voice tech as well as use a controller and be just as cool, and that could be achieved with only a mic.

Anyway, this is just an opinion, just like the article, but innovation is always good (until the machines become self aware), regardless of what company is responsible for that innovation, so kudos to Microsoft for thinking outside the box. But this guy right here is a longtime fan of Sony (since PS1 and the Walkman)for the reasons I mentioned, no not a fanboy, just a fan.

3876d ago
fuckoffodion3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

you fell on your head again genius.

Halo3 MLG Pro3876d ago

Another article stating Microsoft won E3? CHECK!
Sony fans crying and whining? CHECK

Oh yeah this is soooooo sweet! :)

thesummerofgeorge3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Well that was the most fanboyish thing you could say... Who's dumb for choosing the console that suits their taste best? Who are you to tell someone they're dumb because they don't share your taste? You're the epitome of an obnoxious fanboy. Really, you truly are.

EDIT: I see you edited your comment, good for you... Still obnoxious and fanboyish, but hey you're getting there. Keep trying.

IdleLeeSiuLung3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Personally for me, MS showed me games I was interested in and things that are coming up soon. I mean in the next 12 months. They also showed an innovative and I wouldn't stretch it too far by saying Natal was rather impressive. MS in recent times after a few marketing fiasco of showing stuff too early, they only show stuff that is about to release soon.... so I expect Natal soon probably no later than 18 months tops.

Sony on the other hand went with the traditional approach, show a bunch of games that aren't likely to come out soon. Impressive, YES! Did I like GoW3 and Uncharted 2. Yes! We got dates for those two games, Yes! Bunch of stuff we didn't get dates as usual, Yes! GT5 more showing, but no going (i.e. no game release yet). PSP Go, not so much, but this is normally big news a new handheld release. The two "magic" wands, maybe since I have seen it in the Wii. That is why I felt it wasn't as impressive as MS. If either technology applies to remains to be seen.

Let me know when it is close to release. Not 3-4 years in advance. I'm not going to wait and I don't have the patience.

Of course, winning is just depending on the metric! Most games, most increase in sales, most marketing buzz, most innovative.... take your pick and ignore these articles. They really provide little value.

Why o why3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

gamespot are entitled to their 'opinion'

SaberEdge3876d ago

Wow, the PS3 fanboys prove their lack of integrity and honesty time and time again. They simply can't recognize anything good Microsoft does. Sony could have showed up with 3 games and the Sony loyalists would still be claiming Sony won.

Get over it. Microsoft had an awesome lineup of games and new features for the console. They had the best showing. It's not the end of the world. Sony had a good showing too.

cmrbe3876d ago

gamespot is legit again right x360 trolls? lol!.

I respect their opinion but as a PS3 and PC owner. Sony's conference was better because of the games. With the small x360 game lineup i could play half of them on my PC.

Death3876d ago

Unless someone was giving out prizes that I didn't know about. If you are a Playstation fan, Sony won. If you are an Xbox fan it was Microsoft and if you love your Wii it was Nintendo.

There was no clear winner or company that made the others look bad. They all had a great showing for their fans. Is that so bad?


cmrbe3876d ago

Always the most logical person hehe.

If everyone is like you N4G would be more civilized but where is the fun it that!! lol!. Bubbs man.

talltony3876d ago

but microsoft did not win "GAME WISE". Sony clearly had the better games! Thats a fact! Natal + a solid game lineup won it for microsoft!

onanie3875d ago

Saber, for someone who never lets up on downplaying PS3's advantages, and always eager to praise 360, you fit the very definition of what you say you despise - fanboy. That also makes you a hypocrit, the worst kind of fanboys.

jmare3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Nobody is going to convince anyone else to think like you that doesn't think that way already, so...

fuckoffodion3875d ago

he's also one of the worst fanboys here. He can try to deny it but he's not fooling anyone except his XDF buddies.

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mintaro3876d ago

So the general consensus is that MS won. Have to say I agree.

xabmol3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

and they win?


I thought they won because they had Yoko Ono there for RB: The Beatles. xD

edgeofblade3876d ago

noooo.... they make an eyetoy with 3D infrared scanning that works, no matter how crappy the lighting is. know, just like the NOT-A Eyetoy.

Christopher3876d ago

A bit of clarification.

They make two infrared cameras that enable the ability to triangulate motion on three axis (x, y, and z) to extrapolate 3d data.

What I wonder is with body movement capturing is if you have to be scanned in with your arms and legs spread out before each game session so it can properly track cross body movements (crossing arms and legs for example).