E3 Reality Check: 2009 Vs. 2010

Getting excited about the big games of 2009 is sooo 2009. Did you know that a major portion of the great games hyped at E3 last week aren't out until 2010? Kotaku has charted it.

Here's a list of many of the biggest games hyped at E3 2009, divided neatly into what's slated for this year and what isn't going to be obtainable (at least in the U.S.) until the far-flung year of 2010.

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Beast_Master3422d ago

2009 is a good year, but 2010 will be historic.. GoW3 + 3 FF games + GT5 + Gears3 + Halo + Mario Gal.2 + Metroid= Greatest year ever! Maybe even Zelda.

Socomer 19793422d ago

Couldnt they get some news about Agent instead of scanning a post it from thier desk?