PS Blog: E3 09 Virtual Booth Tour: MAG

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"Here's the 2nd in our "Virtual Booth Tour" series: MAG (click here for the guided tour of God of War III).

You've probably seen some quick demonstrations of MAG, but that's not enough time to do this complex game justice. In this video, Zipper Interactive designer Ben Jones takes us through the flow of a massive 256-player battle."

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WildArmed3879d ago

MAG seems to be getting better n better.
Hopefully they'll have a demo(i can dream)
But i'll def. be in the beta.
I wanna try this game b4 i buy it

Christopher3879d ago

It's like an open-world Rainbow Six, IMHO. Definitely hope they have a demo to try out prior to release, but probably the first FPS I'm interested in. Having a leveling system and very open game environment are big on why this one stands out to me. I'm hoping I can still take up a sniper-type role in the game. Not into rushing in but setting up my shots.

Socomer 19793879d ago

Thank you sony blog for a more detailed look at the strategy of the warfare in MAG. I wouldnt even hate the campers, run and gunners, tacticians, or demolitions of each gamer ready to take an objective in this never ending shadow war.

MAG is this year right?

My AVATAR is of MAG !

This is my most anticipated game. Day 1.

yoghurt3879d ago

This video clears things up a bit, a good chunk of info there and looking forward to it. Maybe this year release if it's in the current state shown there?

WildArmed3879d ago

i believe its still up for the fall 09

SmokingMonkey3879d ago

I love the idea of the shadow war, keeps things fresh

FPS MMO made by Zipper!

Let's see COD:ModernWarfare2, is going to be what 16-18 players again? Maybe they'll make the jump to 32 KZ2 style?

MW2 = 8 players on one team
MAG = 128 players on one team

Now guess which one will be more accurate to how "Modern Warfare" battles are fought?

Not hating on MW2 btw, it obviously trumps MAG in graphics. But remember since KZ2 had "nothing original" FPS are graded on steeper curve and must always bring something new to the FPS genre, right?
256 FPS on consoles IS SOMETHING NEW. What is MW2 bringing that's new?

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