EndSights: Top PS3 Games of E3 2009


"Over the next four days, the EndSights editorial staff will make their picks for their most anticipated exclusives for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii. In addition, they will also be making their picks for their most anticipated multiplatform game.

Up first is the PlayStation 3:"

Games discussed:

- Heavy Rain
- Final Fantasy XIV
- The Last Guardian

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Myst3421d ago

My attention pretty much still and always will be on Heavy Rain, with a little bit on Final Fantasy; but the overall look and vibe that Heavy rain (seems to) gives(gives) off makes me want to play it.

JL3421d ago

I agree. Heavy Rain has my full attention. With what Heavy Rain looks to be pulling off, consider my interest permanently piqued. Granted games like Uncharted 2 and GOW3 have me very much anticipating them, those games i'm content just waiting for and getting as soon as they drop, i don't need to know anything else about them. Something about Heavy Rain has me really curious about it, though. Too many good games coming in fact. Though I would venture to leave off FF XIV from my list. Never have given much time to MMOs, and especially not if I'm going to have to pay a subscription. MAG I'm really curious to see how it turns out and if they pull it off. Also, like the author, I have to shamefully admit to never playing Ico or SOTC, but that trailer has me wanting that game now too. God I'm going to be broke before the year is over. Guess my christmas list is just going to be nothing but a list of games this year lol