Gizmodo:AT&T Is Screwing Over US iPhone Users

There sure were a lot of fun things announced for iPhone 3.0 today! It's too bad US customers won't get to use them for a while thanks to how terrible AT&T is.

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resistance1003878d ago

Glad we don't have this problem, O2 are a great service provider and thanks to O2 i have muse tickets =D

evrfighter3877d ago

you really think the apple lovers are going to care? They put the SDF to shame when it comes to fanboyism.

Karum3877d ago

Yeah I know one or two Apple fanboys and they put the console war fanboys (Sony and MS ones) to shame when it comes to their single and closed minded dedication to that brand.

Premonition3878d ago

This pretty much happens when your considered a monopoly

joydestroy3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

anyone wanna buy a mint condition 3g for cheap? comes with no contract, 2 free incase protectors, already has a screen protector and you get new accessories...

oh, 16gig in black.

EDIT: i know, just thought someone on here might grab it before i put it up because i already know it's gonna sell quick ha. people love to buy iPhones with no contract so they can use them over seas.

Premonition3877d ago

lol im selling mines at work for about 150 since its 16gigs white and 8 gig is 99 bucks so the person buying it should feel good plus i'll give them 2 cases.

DailyAddict3877d ago

Yea, nevermind Apple for not including MMS in the iPhone in the first place and then patching it up with OS 3.0 nearly 3 years later. As someone who works in this industry (but not for AT&T) you need to understand that it's not as simple as you think. Each phone has specific protocols that need to be added to the network before the feature can be turned on. Now, MOST phones use the same protocols for the most part, which is why they come standard when the phone launches. iPhones use a different protocol which has to be incorporated on AT&T's network.

Now, AT&T only technically got notice that Apple was going to join the rest of the 21st century and add MMS 3 years after the device has been out and now had to add that protocol to the network.

Stop drinking the Apple kool-aid thinking that it's all on AT&T just cause Apple is trying to make you forget that it took them 3 years to add basic features.

-chaz-3877d ago

They forgot to mention that apparently you have to have a MobileMe account before you can use the Find My Phone feature.

That sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.