WhatTheyPlay Interview: The Dog Behind Disney's Up

Bob Peterson pulls double duty in the Up! movie and game.

Bob Peterson has been a busy man at Pixar. After working as an artist on early films like the Oscar-winning Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2, Peterson served as the story supervisor and the voice of Roz for Monsters, Inc., he penned the screenplay and provided the voice of Mr. Ray in Finding Nemo and he provided multiple voices for The Incredibles. But with the new 3D Disney/Pixar film, Up!, he's pulling triple duty as co-screenwriter, co-director and the voices of Dug, the good dog and Alpha, the bad dog. Peterson reprised both of these roles for THQ's new Up! Video Game, which is out across all platforms. He talks about the convergence that took place between this film and game, as well as what role gaming plays with his family of three children, in this exclusive interview.

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