WhatTheyPlay: Making Something InFamous

Sucker Punch's Chris Zimmerman talks about InFamous and making game for both kids and adults.

Sucker Punch Productions spent the good part of a decade creating the family-friendly PlayStation 2 games starring Sly Cooper and his band of animal thieves. These E-rated games offered publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America a way to compete with Nintendo's GameCube characters and helped offset the more violent PS2 fare like Metal Gear Solid, God of War and Resident Evil.

For its first PlayStation 3 game, Sucker Punch has grown up a bit, and migrated from the Everyone 10+ rating that it's last game, Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves garnered to the Teen-rated action title InFamous, which hit stores May 26. After playing through the new game, we spent some time with Chris Zimmerman, co-founder and development director of Sucker Punch Studios, to discuss the ratings game and what options there are for families to play together as more game designers "grow up" and evolve from E-rated game development in this exclusive interview.

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hulk_bash19873472d ago

Im Loving inFamous, put nearly 30 hrs into it, on my 2nd play through as evil. But i cant wait 2 see Sly Cooper in all his HD Glory. Lets see da Magic Suckerpunch.