PS3 sales increase post E3 showcase

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 increased at retailer over the weekend following a strong showcase at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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Syronicus3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

With the showing of both Uncharted 2 and GOWIII, you can only imagine some folks taking the dive and getting themselves a PS3.

Makes me think that the spike in sales over at Amazon were due to people seeing the demo of Uncharted 2 and then realising that Uncharted was bundled with the PS3 and could not resist seeing what all the buzz was about.

FamilyGuy3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

And without a price cut too.

Actually, people (LOTS of people) might have been waiting to see if sony would announce a price cut at E3 and now that they see it aint happening they're buying without the thought of "A price cut might be coming so i'll wait (till after E3)".

This makes PERFECT sense. Plus all the games sony showed should garner some support.

Saigon3418d ago

this is what 360 fans use to say everytime PS3 fans complained about low sales figure...

"At the end of the day, sometimes...its all about the games"

Carl14123418d ago

i agree, definitely a good thing. Though i bet they'll be annoyed if Sony show of the Slim later in the year and cut the price (which i dont think will happen by the way...Or at least, not the price cut part)

boodybandit3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Sony had more games period.

This was the best discussion covering how the big 3 did at E3 I have found online.
These guys based their opinions on what matter most to a gaming console........GAMES.

If you listen to it you will see they were all honest to the core. They agree MS had the best presentation as far as pacing and keeping the audience interested but in the end it's about games. They also felt that although Natal is an incredible concept and shows promise, Sony has motion controls that are more precise and practical.

Their final conclusion was Sony has the best upcoming exclusive titles and motion controls that will be easier to utilize.

pharmd3418d ago

After their great showing of tremendous things to come over the next couple years, anyone that was sitting on the fence about getting one is surely sold. The lineup that extends well into 2010 is sensational.... definitely worth the investment over the long haul....

gambare3418d ago

That's the point of shows like E3, promote the products and boost sales, in the end, Sony won the E3 and the sales increase is a proof of that

Ju3418d ago

I agree with FamilyGuy here. People might have waited if they'd announce a price cut. Now that they didn't no reason to wait anymore. Would've done the same, TBH.

50CALheadshot3418d ago

lol i totally impressed my friends today when i showed them part 1-3 of the sony e3 press conference videos that were made available to us on the psn.

then i let them play uncharted beta and they pretty much stayed glued to my xbr5 for like 3 hours. I must admit that playing uncharted beta is off the hook, but watching someone else play it so i can notice all the fine details without worrying about getting shot....UNBEPHUCKINGLIEVABLE that this is a console game.

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Godmars2903418d ago

How the hell is someone reporting a sales increase on the Monday after E3?

You'd think someone would wait a week before starting that kind of BS.

Beast_Master3418d ago

They are talking about Amazon sales. Not regular retail.

Syronicus3418d ago

You can track Amazon sales on a daily basis and since the PS3 sales spiked heavily right after some key announcements at E3, I suspect that the author is attributing the spike to the said announcements.

FamilyGuy3418d ago

I'm just posting THIS comment to force the page so that it gets more attention. I thought they went to the main page once they hit 50 degrees but this one still isnt showing. so maybe it still needs a push...

Sarcasm3418d ago

I'm sorry, but these amazon spikes or whatever never really translated into actual sales on NPD. It may have shown an increase of 3,000 PS3's or whatever, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world's retailers increased in 3,000 PS3s or anything.

360FTW23418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

The 160 gig PS3 goes from 350 to 183 on amazon and someone is attributing that to E3. Haha, that's funny. You can get a 95% increase on something ranked 350 if amazon bundled it with a 5.25 inch floppy

Some of these guys are so desparate for good news that they just create the sh!t themselves...incredible.

95% increase could be a increase from selling 100 units to selling 195 units. Wow, now that can only happen after E3...haha

[email protected] Ult..(below) You tell me where the 360 is, I'm sure that if the 360 had a bigger increase the fanboy that wrote the article would have never mentioned it anyway. Besides, why would he put the 360 on it, this story was make people like you feel better about yourself.

So, go ahead and take one of my bubbles, that is what you do when someone says something that you view as negative about the PS3 right?

Edit2: Haha, I was relaxed. You were the one that make the comment as an obvious defense mechanism. All I was trying to show is how someone saying a console went up 95 percent tells us nothing. Unless he can say how many consoles sole, it all just BS. So being that you countered with your silly comment, perhaps you're the one that needs to relax.

ultimolu3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

You're the one downplaying this. This may not reflect on NPD but it's good to know there are still people out there buying PS3's.

Does it hurt to know? You're the one that's acting a bit insecure over Amazon sales.

I'll leave you to ponder my words.

KingME3418d ago

You know I was watching the conversation between you and 360FTW2 and I think it was pretty lame of you to completely erase your last statement and change it to something totally different as to make yourself appear to be the mature one. (after his edit time was over)

You made smartass comments to him and after people started disagreeing with you, you completely erased your comment and wrote something totally different. You are a coward and your sh!t is WEAK!

360FTW23418d ago

Thanks kingme, I was just getting ready to comment on that. haha, she's a lamer.

ultimolu3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

What's this, the 360 support group?

You purposely troll this article, dearest 360FTW 2 and you expect someone not to call you out on it? I changed my comment because it was flamebait. I would rather deal with you intelligently than to get my comment deleted.

I'm lame? Says the person who makes an account called 360 FTW 2.

I feel sorry for people like you.

And KingME, I changed my comments because it was flamebait. I didn't change them because people disagreed. I could care less who disagrees with me. It has no standing on my life.

I love how you're sticking up for someone who purposely made inflammatory comments in this article for no reason at all whatsoever.

evrfighter3418d ago

I'm not surprised by that actually, a complete bltch move and she still tried to spin it LOL

DSI3418d ago

That is whack, I mean ultimolu, flamebait or not, you typed it, you obvious thought it, and you triggered a response, then after doing so, you changed your comment? It's not like you don't have a million "free" bubbles that have been handed to you by your PS3 compadres.

I agree lame move. And to try and defend it just solidifies her being a lame-o.

BSigel813418d ago

Can we please have an intelligent conversation about a PS3 article you guys? I haven't commented in so long due to the arrogant fanboys who think they are winning anything by having a screaming match on what is better. So, what if she wrote what she wrote...You guys write dumb comments all the time, and only those who can't ignore you to the fullest feel that they should talk to you. But, it is granted to say that ultimolu is the closet you ever had any conversation with a female since grade school LOL

Now back to regularly scheduled programming...
This seems like very positive news to me, I love business in general because that is my major I'm going to college when sales spike for any company I rejoice. I used to get involved in petty fanboy arguments but, I know that kind of thing is beneath me. Overall, I really enjoyed E3 this year...I plan on getting a 360 this summer for Alan Wake(which impressed me greatly). God of War 3 looked phenomenal along with Uncharted 2(the beta is awesome); This was a win-win for all gamers.

Ju3418d ago

GTFOH or better get off ultimo's back. WTH, she changed a comment. So ? What are YOU guys doing in here commenting on PS3 stuff anyway when you're obviously not interested (as you say).

commodore643418d ago

@ Ju

The problem is that Ultimolu has made a habit out of it and all the people who pointed it out have obviously noticed as well.

Check here for further confirmation.

@ Ultimolu:
If the shoe fits, then wear it, bud.

ultimolu3418d ago

And you love trolling commdore.

Learn to smile. I love annoying people like you. It's actually working. :]

I don't see what that link is trying to show either.

commodore643417d ago

Yeah you're not seeing it, because you're not all that smart, it seems.

No matter.... keep editing those posts to save face.

KingME3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

If you look up top, this article is for PS3 and for E3 2009. So now were trolls if we read E3 news.

@Bsiegel81 - You were actually making some since and start to sound like you had half a brain until you made the following comment.

" But, it is granted to say that ultimolu is the closet you ever had any conversation with a female since grade school LOL :"

How can anyone take you seriously if you are going to make a comment like that. All I was saying was the ULT... tends to argue with people on N4G, say what she needs to say, then come back later, change her comments to say something totally different to make the other person appear to be attacking her without being provoked.

Commodore isn't the first person to notice this type of behavior.

@Ju - What the hell is it to you anyway, this article is labeled as E3 news and therefore isn't solely for PS3 users. Not to mention, do you and your girl see articles written for the 360 and wii, and decide to keep your noses out of it...HELL NO!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3418d ago

That was fast. I'll wait til the end of the week to make a proper call but heck almost doubling in sales has to have been caused by something. Guess Sony did have a good show. Wonder wat sales were for the wii and 360.

FamilyGuy3418d ago

I wonder what increases the other consoles got. Sony came to E3 with games and future tech that isn't far off or unbelievable so this might prove the true opinions of E3 after all.

zoneofenders3418d ago

actually its not about strong show.
those people thought there would be a price cut on E3....
well, bubble bursted........

yoghurt3418d ago

Well I know if I didn't have one i'd be buying one for sure, some amazing games coming and now a really really good back catalogue to get through

Ominater3418d ago

If I didn't have a PS3 then I would probably not buy it yet and wait until the new titles to come out as there may be new model or price cut. Saying that though I would of liked to have it in the summer if i didnt already because I have three month break from school this year

FamilyGuy3418d ago

Best NOT to wait for games since the PS3s current exclusive could keep you busy well past the release of things coming later this year.

XBoxPSWii603418d ago

And have a TON of games to play, makes it easier to wait until the new ones come out. Actually playing Infamous right now. It took precedence after trying it out once.