Gizmodo:Everything You Need to Know About Snow Leopard

Apple is giving Snow Leopard, the next version of OS X, a proper unveiling today at WWDC. Here are all the details, as we get them.

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JOLLY13878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

It's a service pack that you have to pay for?

tmt3453878d ago

Its somewhere between a service pack and a new full featured OS. Thats why your only paying $29. I'm very excited for this release because it should bring lots of new technologies to developers. I'm so glad I ditched that terrible virus ridden hog that is Windows. Windows 7 is just as bad and still has everything terrible that Vista does like viruses, the windows registry, defragmentation, DLLs, etc. I LOVE my Mac!!!

Premonition3878d ago

They just announced its 29 to upgrade not 129 anymore.

JOLLY13878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

it's os X 10.(I think)6. That is 6 service packs. Each one about $100. That is one expensive os.

*edit* I understand why I got the disagree. It isn't 10.6, it's 10.5.6.....nice.

JOLLY13878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

No, not at all. I just think it sucks that they add 12 new bullet points and call it a "new os". I guess it is true apple fanatics will buy anything.

They've rewritten the base code in finder, for additional speed
(typical of a service pack)

• There's a new dock, with 3D rendering. Expose has been built in.
(kind of nice)

• Installation is 45% faster

• General optimizations abound: opening JPEGs, for example, is twice as fast in preview. PDFs are 1.5x faster.
(sounds like a sp feature)

• Same goes for Mail: it's nearly twice as fast to launch, search and move messages.
(same as above)

• Installing Snow Leopard actually saves space: you'll get back 6GB of hard drive space over Leopard standard.
(This is the best part)

• Safari 4: Javascript performance, which is basically the core of the browser wars now, is up by 50%. Browsing as a whole is faster, and Safari 4 passes the Acid CSS test at 100%. It gets coverflow (for history browsing), just like virtually every other part of OS X.

• Safari 4 has "crash resistance", meaning Chrome-like threaded processes, so a single crash tab doesn't pull down the entire browser.
(They added a new browser that you can update for free)

• Exchange support: According to our own Mark Wilson, "it looks like it should look." That means seamless integration with Mail, Contacts and iCal.
(about time)

• Quicktime 10: QT gets a new interface, looks like the iTunes video player. Hardware acceleration for video playback, too. You can do some quick video editing as well, like in older versions of Quicktime Pro, except with a visual timeline. This, of course, is now standard.
(free qt is a feature?)

• Dock Expose: It's a lot like regular Expose, except it can be controlled from the dock, and offers more in the way of interactivity, i.e., dragging content between previewed windows.
(wow you can now dock expose)

Jeremy Clarkson3878d ago

I'm following the WWDC on Engadget.

Quotes from Bertrand Serlet (Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple):

"What a big hole Microsoft has dug -- they're trying to get out of it with Windows 7."

"Even more complexity is present in Windows 7. The same old tech as Vista. Just another version of Vista."

So JOLLY1, don't talk to me about rehashed features and technologies. I couldn't say I'm a 'fanboi' of Apple as you so deftly put it, however since I use my computer on a daily basis, I would rather have a good quality product.

And before people start saying that's PR nonsense, anybody with half a brain cell can see it's not.

JOLLY13878d ago

I am guessing you will be buying this. Sorry for making fun of you. My bad...

tmt3453878d ago

Then what are new releases of Windows supposed to be? Microsoft just releases a half done OS and tries to fix it with service packs, and most of the time service packs just cover up the issues and never fix them and barely increases speed. I don't buy anything from Microshit anymore because they are extremely shady.

TheAntiFanboy3878d ago

At least Microsoft does a lot less price gouging.

...Other than the 360 hard drives, I mean.

sloth4urluv3878d ago

So I guess I should take "Bertrand Serlet (Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple)" word as gospel when talking about windows. Thats just as pointless as listening to Balmer talk about OSX.

Really, what was the point of that post?

Besides that it looks like they did add some cool new features like direct gpu access, but I would still list it as just a service pack update. Fortunatly its not expensive, I think for the amount they are asking I might throw down money for the upgrade.

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Premonition3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Well thats what they said at the keynote that its a new OS, Leopard just got its last service pack I heard and now they are releasing Snow leopard.

truth be told i think people rather pay less for an upgrade and not spend close to 2-300 dollars for about 3 different versions, im sure windows 7 will be great but i like the way apple is doing away with the 129 to upgrade crap.

Jeremy Clarkson3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

-- wrong post --

tmt3453878d ago

Its only $29, well worth it.

kewlkat0073878d ago

if you loose your phone...

Premonition3878d ago

Friend at work lost his G1, it would be great if most phone had this feature.

No FanS Land3878d ago

well for me it's only a 29$ uograde, already have the latest OS X update, bought a macbook pro in dec.08

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